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Do you guys have any suggestions on coilovers for a 350z?. Something affordable yet gives you bang

[]Basir Khan

I would take a look at all the Z33 builds on Wheelwell to see what suspension setup they have:

homepage tile photo for Who knew a car could make me see the world differently
Who knew a car could make me see the world differently

I want to get into my car and drive until I find what I'm looking for. Maybe it's purpose or maybe

homepage tile photo for Cars are my therapy, my escape
Cars are my therapy, my escape

Working on cars teaches me patience.....and every curse word imaginable. Been working on my Z for 6

[]Sac Car Scene

That is a cool tattoo. I may be getting a car inspired design. Most likely going to be something mechanical like this.

[]Ryan Howell

I love the markings as if it were a technical drawing

[]Sac Car Scene

I really like the design of this tattoo. Well done.

[]Sac Car Scene

Excellent post. I feel very accomplished when I am able to install something and it works as intended. It can be relaxing to work on a vehicle when things go together well, on the other hand can become very frustrating and physically draining when things do not work. Having the right tools and lots of patience goes a long ways.

[]Jordan Shuster

I feel this on a spiritual level

[]Tabitha Blagdon

lol - ain't that the truth


Love this thread! This is exactly why we created Wheelwell. Thanks for sharing and for being a part of the community.

[]Sven Feige

this is a nice one

[]Faisal Farid

I’ve felt exactly rhe same way for better part of my life and still do. When i had my 2nd gen eclipse totally built after a long and greuelling 8 month process, the anticipation, the first turn of the key and the roar of the engine was nothing short of pure ecstacy. I wish non car people understood the bond beteween motor and man just a little bit better...its not just a tool like a fridge or a blender or a stove. My car takes me out of my daily grind and elevates me to a point where it makes me feel alive when i need it the most..

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When you accidentally hit the gas in neutral and the person next to you revs back and you realize y

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Any bad day can be fixed by driving a back road with the radio up and the windows down

[]Michael B. Gonzales

love it

[]Kit Lau


[]Andrew Johnson


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The satisfaction of finally getting your car trunk to close properly and evenly. Jeez probably open

homepage tile photo for Project "Jasmine"
Project "Jasmine"

Hey guys, I'm doing a 350z project car and need opinions on rims. I really like rpf1s and te37s. Ca

[]Sheldon Hall

I love the look of RPF1's on the 350z. Those wheels flow with the car really well.

[]Cali Pike

That's what I was thinking. Thanks mate!

[]Derek Jacobs

I was going to say the same about the volks