Curb Weight
2200+/- LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.8 L
Transmission Type

Built in August of 1972, this 240Z came from the factory in that all too familiar Datsun orange. However, on its second owner sometime in the 1980's, it was repainted this non-standard silver. Around that time its original 2.4 liter engine was blown up and replaced with a 2.8 liter unit imported from Japan, probably from a Nissan Cedric 2800. For whatever reason, a couple years later, the owner decided to store the car where it sat untouched for about 20 years. That is until I bought the car about years ago. Since then, it has only needed minor TLC and some new parts to bring it to where it is now. Although far from finished, I plan to keep the car and continue improving it while driving around in Southern California. I'd love to do a few autocross and track day events as well.

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[]Felix Alken

Dear Cameron, you have really nice z! Would you please tell me if you had to remove the tank to be able to go with the double exhaust in the middle? Thank you and best, felix

[]Datzun Zze

2018 march do you still have the Z

[]Dub Stearn

The Z sounds awesome on the road. I have a 72 240 that has been sitting for 5 years. It was running when I stopped driving on the weekends. I replaced the 240 engine with a 260 in 1992. It has the original SU carbs. What do you recommend doing before I start it up again?

[]William Thieme

What a fantastic shade of silver. It really compliments the lines of the car.

[]Soren Ingram

Very Nice

[]Pecata Warpie

superb car mate

[]Zach Flippo

Just watched the smoking tire video and im already friends with you ahha

[]Brendan Garst

Gorgeous Z!

[]James Kellas

Hey, I liked your (Snake) One Take with Matt Farah. The car sounds great!

[]Jason Connor

I dig the Z Cameron. I'm finishing up the restoration of my GT500 and plan on importing and modifying a Hakosuka Skyline and may want to pick your brain on how everything went on that L28 swap.

[]415s30 (ง •̀_•́)づ)˚з°)

Well if you find a Hakosuka I hope you keep it's engine, it's better and I would kill for one in my 240Z. The L28 is heavier and generally it's better to keep the L24 since it's lighter, modify it a bit, cam... to rev the original engine higher. It's much more fun that way.

[]Ross Litman

Car really looks great! Saw it on TST this morning!

[]Cameron Carter

Thanks! The L28 swap was done long before I bought the car but its essentially the same exact same engine as any other L series. Its akin to swapping a SBC for another SBC. Actually a good deal of Hakosuka's already have the L28 swap.

[]415s30 (ง •̀_•́)づ)˚з°)

Why would you give up the DOHC motor? They put it in the Z432 for a reason, these people must be idiots. A well modified L24 is lighter and the reason Zs beat Porsche often in 1970/71.

[]Erik Rivas

Nice Z. I have a 72 too. I'm in the process of rebuilding it little by little

[]Th Hx

Your welcome and thanks man! Gonna go give you a follow for sure!

[]Cameron Carter

Thank you! :) It's luftwaffles_s30z I think. I haven't really used it too much. But I will be using it a bit more in the future as some parts start coming in.

[]Th Hx

Hello Cameron ! I saw the video that Matt ( The Smoking Tire ) uploaded of your car and I completely fell in love with your car! Looks awesome and sounds awesome too! I was wondering do you have a instagram by any chance? Would love to give you a follow and see what else you do to the car! Thanks for your time and take good car of the car it's a keeper for sure! (:

[]Bo Cane

did you do an efi to carb conversion? i thought all the l28s were efi. which was one of the big reasons i didnt want one.

[]415s30 (ง •̀_•́)づ)˚з°)

You don't want one, they have a lot of mass and the return isn't good enough. Just make the L24 better, triples, cam etc... The 240Zs beat Porsches a lot in the early 70's for a reason, fast in corners due to lightness, the L28 is a pig and makes cornering worse.

[]Josel Cobangbang

Hi Cameron! The car sounded really good on TST. Just a quick question, what return springs are you running on the Webers? Curious to know how heavy they feel.

[]The Stig

Beautiful car man! I really love the way it looks!

[]alberto gorin

nice to see elder car elder Z nice

[]Annie Laughlin

Awesome video on TST, Cameron! Loved it! Well done to you, Matt and crew! :)

[]Cameron Carter

Thanks guys! The springs I run are not really worth mentioning. I need to rebuild the linkage and figure out a new return spring system. The throttle is a bit too heavy for my liking. And I think all the L28's we got in the states were FI but a pretty popular thing to do is just reuse the L24's SU style carbs and manifold. Its super simple.

[]alberto gorin

nicer work out car

[]Cameron Carter

That's just straight not true Brett. Nissan offered them in a range of models in Japan. Its just less common then the L20 because of the tax. Maybe you mean L28ET?

[]Brett Barber

Just thought I let you know that Japan never have a 2.8 L L-series and they're all imported from the US or Australia.

[]Annie Laughlin

Awesome! Thank you!

[]Cameron Carter

Sure thing!

[]Annie Laughlin

Cameron, love your Datsun! I'd love to feature it on our homepage if you can add in a short About description to the left to give it some background. That'd be awesome!!

[]Jason Mcc

what is your wheel and tire size and suspension setup? EDIT: Never mind, still learning the site. Sweet Z

[]Cameron Carter


[]Vu Nuyens


[]Derrick Vi

Loving the Z.

[]Andrew Johnson

Loving the paint on this. It looks clean and shows off the lines nicely!

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