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Vehicle for sale


Fayetteville, NC

I am looking to sell my 2016 Subaru WRX Premium, it currently has 18,000 miles which are mostly hig

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#advice Im no pro, but I do want to share my experience with anyone who is curious. I just recently

[]David Sandbak

I've been using Motul Gear 300 75w90. There was some "chunky notchiness" with the OEM fluid because of the Perrin short shifter adapter and bushing. Changed to the Motul, there's still some notchiness but it's smoothed out noticeably.

[]Jake Johnson

The brand that I've seen people have a lot of luck with is AMS-Oil. Full disclosure, haven't heard this from many Subaru owners (mainly because there aren't any that I talk to on a regular basis), but I know several people who run their synchromesh fluid in Corvettes and such and have heard nothing but good things about it. Could be worth a shot.

[]Robert Sixto

Keep us posted, this wouldn't be the first time I heard a transmission being a bit picky about oil brand. I've been using Redline in my 6 and have noticed some notchiness lately. Wasn't sure if it's just age/mileage, or the fluid, but I'm planning a switch to Motorcraft stuff soon, it's supposed to like it better.

[]Hayden Baker

I had a similar issue on my truck last year. If you used regular manual transmission heavy gear oil it would ruin the transmission. It's amazing how picky some transmissions can be on what gear oil you use. Hopefully you swapped out fluids before any damage was done.

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Part for sale


Fayetteville, NC

Raceseng Slammer shift knob. Wrinkle black finish, laser etched with 6spd/reverse engraving. I'm pa

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#travellesson So I took my first long trip since having my car tuned, where my wife and I drove to

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Tuning Day!

So, I've had the car for a littler over four months now and I had already done all my research for

[]Cameron Moore

So, Tuning Day has come and gone. Unfortunately the dyno was down so instead of getting numbers and a dyno tune, all I was able to get was a road tune. The good part though, is that all my parts were properly installed (by me), which I was concerned about, and the car is running perfectly. The roundabout guesstimate from the shop is 330WHP on pump gas, but I as not convinced that I will see those numbers on the dyno next week.

[]Andrew Johnson

Let's see those numbers!

[]Cameron Moore

So the car made 305 whp and 345 wtq on a Dynocom FX5000-AWD dynamometer. Overall satisfied with the numbers.

[]Andrew Johnson

Very respectable, especially the tq number! I'll bet it pulls nicely off the line. Shoot, that's around 400tq at the motor 👍🏼