285 HP
353 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3223 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
157 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
22/32 MPG

2013 Ford Focus ST ST2 with moonroof and navigation. I purchased the car brand new back in July 2014. This was my first car with a manual and I stumbled upon it by accident in April. I thought that it was a normal N/A Focus with some aftermarket wheels and a body kit, one test drive later told me something was different about this car. I fell in love, I did my research and discovered that this car had some oomph.  August 6th, 2014. I drove for two days just to go to ST Octane Academy, this showed me the limits of the car and learned some handy tricks "if I were to ever rob a bank" What one of the instructors said.  Engine: CP-E stage 2 rear motor mount Intake : MBRP intake, CP-E Intercooler, CP-E  Exhale kit with HKS BOV, Mountune Charge pipe kit, Mountune Induction hose.   Exhaust : Buschur Racing Catless DP, Mountune Exhaust Software : Cobb AP3 with Mountune tune from Randy/e30 flash tune from Stratified. Tires : Michelin Pilot Super Sports @245/40/18 Wheels : Konig Oversteer Black 18x8 45mm  Brakes : Wilwood DP6 front caliper kit with Hawk DTC-30 pads, Stoptech slotted rotors on all four wheels as well as braided lines.  Suspension : Steeda rear sway bar, front and rear endlinks. Mountune Clubsport lowering springs with Bilstein B8's, Mountune front tower brace. Lighting: The Lighting Firm Bi-Xenon Stage 2 lights with Morimoto XB55 HID ballasts and 6000k bulbs, Diode Dynamics LED Fog lights.  Body:  Skidplate Guy skidplate Drivetrain: Steeda Transmission Shifter Bushing Kit, Mountune Short shifter. Cooling: Derale Oiler Cooler Kit.

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Hey man, love the car. Really great selection of parts. I was wondering if you could tell me where you mounted the oil cooler?

[]Carl Clouse

I have these ones John. amazon.com/Ford-Focus-ST-rock-guards/dp/B00R6UOPEO

[]John Cutler

Carl, what mud flaps/splash guards did you have installed on the Smoking Tire vid? I like how subtle they are.

[]Will Strohmaier

Just curious, why are you upgrading to the Monotone kit?

[]Carl Clouse

Yes Will. Steeda lowering springs. I have the Mountune Clubsport kit coming in soon.

[]Will Strohmaier

Hey, was wondering if you lowered your ST at all?

[]Carl Clouse

Thank you! :) I got my stickers here on Amazon. amazon.com/gp/product/B00NEXFU64?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00

[]Gorilla Drives

Saw your car on The Smoking Tire's One Take. It's an awesome build. Love what you've done!

[]Mike Cho

Hey, really enjoyed your car on The Smoking Tire's "one take". I couldn't help but notice your 'doge' sticker. I have one on my GTI but it's very small and I was wondering where you purchased yours. Thanks!

[]Carl Clouse

I wanted a white light, it's the brightest light of the color spectrum, 5 to 6k is optimal for visibility and looks better than a yellow light. Lol

[]Carl Clouse

I got mine through Steeda and they were 5k lights. steedafocus.com/diode-dynamics-focus-luxeon-led-fog-lamps-pair-13-14-st-991-lux-5k

[]Noah Damoose

Hey I just picked up a Focus ST and I want some LED Foglights I was wondering what color bulb you got from Diode Dynamics. I have the HID Headlights and would like the fog lights to match as close as possible. You think the Natural white, pure white, or cool white would be best?

[]Rick Richardson

You have a cobb intake in the video; why the switch? BTW nice job landing a one take with Matt Farah.

[]Carl Clouse

Nothing. It's a different brand and Cobb was one of the manufacturers to pay for the testing. Almost all the intakes are the same ol' 3 inch tube that does the same exact job.

[]Rick Richardson

Lol nice, I wonder what the difference is between the two to make the MBRP not CARB legal

[]Carl Clouse

It's not really a Cobb intake. I got some stickers to make my MBRP intake CARB legal. Shhhhhh, I didn't say that. Lol

[]Alberto Gorin

watching smokingtire.in appeal in looks nothing beat the sierra cosworth

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