528 Cubic Inches
Wet weight
4200 pounds

I've owned this car since 1995. It's an original 429 car, one of 300 made. Extensive modifications have been made to the car, but all keeping within the framework of "factory configuration", and still has the original numbers matching engine block and transmission. The car has been built for sustained high speed running, open road racing, and land speed events, but is still street legal, and quite comfortable to drive cross country, so it continues to be driven to and from events that are often a full day's drive away. The car has also been featured on MavTV in Optima's Search of the Ultimate Street Car at Pikes Peak International Raceway. .

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homepage tile video photo for Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2017
Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack 2017


homepage tile video photo for PIT Rally 2015
PIT Rally 2015


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[]Craig Crall

Great ride! nice work, it looks like a lot of fun.

[]Carl Hansen


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