265+ HP
244+ LB-FT
Curb Weight
? LB
All Wheell Drive
Engine Size
2.5 flat L
Transmission Type
Manual 5
MPG (City/Highway)
21 MPG

Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it: I've been a fan of Subaru WRX/ STI's since my college days.. and a bit before that with rally news. My last ride was a 2005 Toyota Echo hatchback RS... Great on gas.. really great on gas... I moved to Salt Spring Island in 2015 and on a proper B road went around a blind corner and was surprised by a white tailed buck leaping onto the road off a hillside. I tried to maneuver around it and totaled my car into a telephone pole.... not ideal. On the other hand, I had moved to the island for a significant promotion, and could afford a dream car. Being that the 22B isn't exactly accessible in normal cases, I went for a 2011 Hatchback WRX. (There were no STI's available at the time, and being without a car limits your time frame when you live up a mountain.)  Describe the modifications you've made. Where did you start: what’s the most recent mod and what motivated it?: My goal is to improve on an already pretty awesome B road blaster. Rallycross is probably my biggest inspiration though most of my driving is on really bumpy and broken cement and I want to keep my daily driver problem free.   First mod was a Cobb Access sport V3, w/ OTS 91 map. Really smoothed out the power band particularly around 4500rpm. next I installed a Cobb Short shifter stage1drivetrain kit -Cobb black w/ racing red shift knob. -Rallyarmor UR Mudflaps (red lettering) -Hella Sharp tones -Rallitek aluminium skid plate.  -Tires I went for BF Goodrich G-Force sport Comp 2 cheap and cheerful. Great wet performance and feel.  -Weathertech w/ Cobb badge laser measured floor mats for all the gravel, dirt and tree crud around here, (Not a Cobb fanboy, I just liked the look.) I've recently (April 2018) installed STI Group N mounts for the engine and transmission, and man what a difference! Feels really good. Great response and smooths out the clutch grab. Whiteline 22mm front and rear swaybars with Whiteline adjustable endlinks for upgraded durability. Feels much better cornering, and removes the stock understeer. I also just bought a set of used OZ Racing Ultraleggera rims wrapped in Continental DWS and custom painted Lexus Cibola Gold. They look dead sexy against the Dark Grey body. Next I'm finally putting my attention to the exhaust, going Cobb catback for now with plans on a downpipe and protune later after I install a air/oil separator. I really like the exhaust note of the Cobb and don't have to worry about pissing off my neighbours and farm animals around here...too much. I also added an AEM strut tower brace (all steel and no swivels,) and I'm surprised at what a difference its made! <Edit to include downpipe, AEM strut brace road trip, engine failure, clutch, AOS, TMIC, Oil pick up etc.) Of all the mods you’ve made, which do you think offers the biggest bang for the buck?: Probably sway bars, though the accessport is great in its own way.. totally different effects. -Deatschwerks 65C fuel pump -Grimspeed Lightweight Crank pulley -3 port EBCS -Protune (Dyno tune) -Innovative oil pressure/ temp gauge, Innovative boost gauge -Polyurethane bushings: -Whiteline K903 K910 K901 (replace wearing stock with poly as we go) -brake upgrade -chassis brace to bring back the feel of the strut brace? -replace suspension -Maybe some trail lights What are you planning next?: 2015 STI 13.1:1 steering rack (I currently have a small leak in the stock rack.) Grimspeed Master cylinder brake brace (Its been in my closet for a while.) Air/oil separator catch can, lightweight pully, Stoptech Street brake pads, DBA slotted brake disks, HD Clutch (when I need a new clutch,) I'm also looking at suspension tweaks, possibly just springs, to help get rid of the for and aft pitching motion, should compliment the anti-sway bars nicely if I get the right springs. I'm really not looking to lower the car much at all since we have so many dips and bumps and tree roots etc. Just finished a 2700km road trip and feel that I could use a small boost in the suspension. I'm also looking at long term things like intercooler as well, though I think I'd end up going ptp lava turbo blanket to crush heat soak from the turbo, and maybe do an intercooler if I find one that fits well with the strut tower brace. Tuning is just digging a hole and throwing money into it XD What’s been the biggest challenge with this build: I had the STI Group N installed by a garage because I don't have the equip for the engine mounts, and they installed the Pitch Stop without removing the intercooler! that must have been frustrating! For myself, removing the front clip for the hella horns was annoying. Alright I just spent an hour rewriting this and it all disappeared... I'll try it again later.

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Well, I haven't bothered updating the main page, its a piece of history in my adolescence of owning

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Well, a very Subaru thing happened to me. My oil pick up tube cracked and I spun a bearing. Knock K

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#ohcrap Blown motor! >:( Much sadness. Going for an IAG stage 1 block and internals and machining m

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[]Jessica Pomerleau

Nice looking Rex! Future plans?

[]Carl Linton

Hey there! Future plans include putting Gold OZ Ultralaggera wheels on (next week!) and I'll be going turbo back Cobb downpipe and probably Cobb exhaust or maybe an Invidia Q300 or R400 before the end of the month. Not really sure on that exhaust note yet. Cobb would be a little bit quieter for the neighbors and farm animals around. Uprated fuel pump at the same time. I'll get a pro tune or E tune mid or after summer depending on how things are shaping up.

As for suspension, I'm keeping it stock right now other than the swaybar end link combination, since the roads here are really trashy B roads and I don't want to lower my car or stiffen up the suspension any. I'll probably throw a strut tower brace in though oddly enough since the forward suspension is McPherson struts so it would help it out a little compared to double wishbone. Definitely going to improve the brakes and put a sport clutch on probably next year.

I was looking at putting an intake on the car but because I'm at sea level a lot of the time and we get negative temps here (Celsius,) in the Winter there's a high risk of boost creep. So the way to go about doing that would be an external waste gated up pipe. That'll be long in the future if I go that route. :P Keeping her a reliable but fun daily is my goal.

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