475 HP
625 LB-FT
Curb Weight
5500 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
15.4 MPG

So this story is about Sonic, a 2011 F150. This may seem stupid to some people and I will say this just go ahead and stop reading this if it seems stupid that I’m writing a in depth bio about this truck.  We will start this story as a boy turns 16 and gets his fathers 2004 Ford Expedition and begins the road to making this Expedition his SUV. He talked to his parents about doing somethings and slowly but surely he lifted it, and put a (loud ass) exhaust on it. Then he did tires. He loved his SUV and it was his. Sadly one day he was in a bad wreck and completely totaled it. Needless to say he was crushed. He didn't know what to do but he knew he needed a new ride. After a month of looking and calling dealerships he had found two F150s he liked and thats where we really start the story of Sonic. As a 17 year old boy walks into the dealership he saw the two trucks. He test drove the first truck, a V6 3.5L twin turbo F150, he thought about it and he thought it was nice and newer than the second truck. He drove the second truck, a V8 5.0 F150 and he thought “hey I can put my old tires on it and save money. He went home and thought long and hard about it. The next day he made up his mind. He went back to the dealer. To the surprise of all his friends he bought the V6. He found himself starting another build but this build turns out farther than anyone could imagine. The boy started by putting on a leveling kit and tires just to start. The truck sat for many months will just that then shortly he did exhaust. He had fallen in love with Baja racing and thats what he wanted to do with the truck so he put new shocks on. He changed the exhaust three times, changed tires, and did little things here and there like a SCT Tuner. One day truck started smoking and the boy thought he had killed his the engine. He took it to be looked at and this is where the story changes directions. The truck needed a new intercooler and he boy wanted to put one that was better than stock back in it so he called a company that he had heard of called National Speed. National Speed took care of him, recommending little things like BOVs, waste gates, and custom tuning. The truck went into the shop for three days and he couldn't wait to get it back. He got the truck back making 400HP and 450 foot pounds of torque. Months went by and he wanted more. He was hooked on the speed and power of the truck. He went back to National Speed because they treated him like family and cared about the truck. They wanted to see what the truck could do. This is where I, the writer, should note no one had built one of this trucks. The boy and National Speed finally came up with a plan of attack. The main thing they were focused on where dropping in Twin 42mm Turbos and everything to support it like a catless racing exhaust, a race intake, and a completely new fuel system. It felt like a life time to get the truck back. The boy’s jaw dropped when he saw the truck, it had turned into a monster and he was the first to feel it raw power. It absolutely flew for a full size pick-up truck. The young man at this point thought his truck needs a name, it was blue and fast so he thought of a video game character that was blue and fast. Sonic.  Sonic has a strong and long list of cars and trucks he has beaten. Anything from Camaros to built diesel trucks. Sonic has gotten a small following and a list of people that hate it.  This is the part I tell you that Sonic is my everyday driver. He is my big baby. I have poured my heart into him. Sometimes he out weighs my own family and my relationship. Needless to say Sonic has gone farther than I imagined. I hope to have him for many years to come doing the same things he does best, scaring the shit out of me and other people and binding the idea of fast trucks are V8s. I, Carl North, can tell you this isn't the end of the story and will continue on.

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