200 HP
151 LB-FT
zero to sixty
20.3 AVG

Hello, this is my FR-S, and her name is Ari :) Instagram: @86Arii 10/10/19 Created a page for the FR-S and finished off the tC... Time is all it takes 10/17/19 For performance, I have the intake and pulleys, but I want to get it tuned. I also want some headers first, so then when I tune, I can just go ahead and get more power out of it. I'm just debating if I wanna buy an OFT or go e85 and have a 91 tune with delicious tuning... As for aesthetics, I wanna work on the exterior over the summer, and for right now, slowly change the interior. But, we'll see what the future has planned out for us. 10/25/19 Carbon Fiber front splitter was installed. First time drilling into carbon fiber and is just the thought that scares you, but once you do it, it’s done. Front splitter rods are gonna be installed another day. 11/04/19 Attached the front splitter rods to the holes where the license plate would be. 12/30/19 I got my car back from the shop (12/18-12/30). Fixed scratch on widebody. Aligned bumper. C Light Installed and it’s BRIGHT. Pain (Naruto) License Plate Frame Installed from a person on Instagram who opens her own shopping website with stickers, clothing, peekers, even skateboards lol but like of stuff like naruto, demon slayer, and more. She opens the shop like once a month for 3 hours only. I missed it the first time but got it the second lol. Her shop is @hello_senpai on Instagram. Installing the frame was easy, but removing the old one wasn't. The screws were being annoying to take out since they are self-made into the carbon fiber. But power tools are a blessing :) Temporary Dash Cam is now setup. 01/06/20 Updating my car specs. As for the MPG, it’s just the Avg my cluster says. The 0-60 and Mile time, I still have to test that when I have time to have a base number (as base as it can be at least). 01/21/20 I started installing the twinkle starlight headliner 5 days ago. Taking off the headliner was pretty easy. Making the holes, putting the starlight, glueing, and trimming was very tedious, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Took around 2-3 hours total for that part. Putting the headliner in the car was easy, and also put some padding just in case of vibration. The only struggle was to find a way to get the strands to go down the rear passenger pillar, into the trunk. It’s beautiful. 04/21/20 I got my OpenFlash Tablet in the mail and set up the tunes / original file on it. I’m gonna drain my tank and go Stage 2+ with e85 on stock headers. Hoping to get headers soon tho to get rid of that torque dip. My exhaust set up is my next goal. 04/26/20 Went on E85 and waiting / reading the tablet on when to switch was pretty weird but fast change. Easy process. So far, you can hear the engine more and it sounds really nice. Feels like the car is more ready to go and can feel that extra power pull at the top. Butt dyno approves. 05/07/20 Got some custom carbon fiber work (no cover) done by @ctrends2 (instagram) for my pulley cover and fuse box cover. They came out amazing and happy with the work, ready to do more work with him. 05/26/20 Joined Car Group “Team Vicious” Find us on IG: @_TeamVicious_ 06/14/20 Recorded Times and Decibel levels of my exhaust. I did 0-60, 40-60, and more noise test. (On Stage 1) Purchases Invidia N1 Catback Exhaust, and Injen EL Headers. 06/21/20 Installed Red Spyder Tail Lights and also bought a flex fuel kit w/ injectors. 06/28/20 Installed Invidia N1 Catback exhaust, then installed Injen Headers. Played around with pop tune and it gurgles but don’t think I can spit flames. Happy with finally being loud. 07/11/20 The FR-S bumper gap problem.. I was able to custom mount it so it won’t have the problem of popping out now. Side markers replaced with a tinted one. Fender lining is off. Splitter is off and need the rubber trim to be replaced, and going to custom chassis mount it soon. 07/19/20 Custom Chassis Mounted the APR Splitter. Lowered the back by half an inch. Installed Fog Lights harness and button.

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