200 HP
151 LB-FT
engine size
2.0 L 4 Cyl
Necks brokeN

Hello, this is my FR-S, and her name is Ari :) Instagram: @86Arii 10/10/19 Created a page for the FR-S and finished off the tC... Time is all it takes 10/17/19 For performance, I have the intake and pulleys, but I want to get it tuned. I also want some headers first, so then when I tune, I can just go ahead and get more power out of it. I'm just debating if I wanna buy an OFT or go e85 and have a 91 tune with delicious tuning... As for aesthetics, I wanna work on the exterior over the summer, and for right now, slowly change the interior. But, we'll see what the future has planned out for us. 10/25/19 Carbon Fiber front splitter was installed. First time drilling into carbon fiber, and is just the thought that scares you, but once you do it, it’s done. Front splitters are gonna be installed another day. 11/04/19 Attached the front splitter to the holes where the license plate would be.

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