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Carlos de la Torre427 days ago

Just took the 300dll mr2 to spring fest didnt win but she got alot of photos from people who liked her! #mr2 #gettingav8swap #staytuned

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Carlos de la Torre456 days ago

Time ago i posted my 300dll mr2 progress, now i have a little more to show you guys!


[]Joost Van Dien

That is very nice. I really like the way your doing it as it seems a proper job! Keep the updates coming!

[]Hayden Baker

Keep up the good work man!

[]Carlos de la Torre

Thanks ill post next week the pics of the car finished with the scoops and fender flares painted and detailed

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Wow, what a difference! I love the combination of black accents against the red body of the car

[]Carlos de la Torre

Its Going to get painted all red and powder coat the rims alloy next step i already have nrg Racing seats!

[]Antoni Dabrowski

Nice work homie

[]Kit Lau

Very nice. Always nice to see the progress of builds

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Carlos de la Torre497 days ago

Just wanted to introduce my little Project, a month ago i bought an 1991 mr2 for 300dll total mess of a car the guy wanted it to junk it but i got to save her, now she looks better! Ill leave some before and after still plenty more stuff to do!


[]Jessica Pomerleau

I had a friend who had a mr2 he was obsessed! You're gonna love it

[]Carlos de la Torre


[]Carlos de la Torre

Caí, headers are on, doble din and sound system i still need Racing seats coil overs a tasty body kit or Wide kit slotted rotors and better rims thinking on rpf1

[]Joey Mitchell

Great start. What are your plans for mods?

[]Robert Sixto

Hell yes! Nice work saving such a cool little car. Smart too, I have a feeling these may start to appreciate in the near future!

[]Gregory Garoppolo

Agreed! And I don’t think it’s even a slightly distant future. Name another accessible, rear engines-sports car that can be had for he price of an MR2, there isn’t one. A Sweet chassis and a good looking package, in a car that the aftermarket has sorted out most of the weak spots. Nice find!

[]Brian Post

Hey Carlos - Welcome to Wheelwell! I have always been a sucker for the MR2. They are just amazing cars and so easy to work on. Cannot wait to see your little project turn into a huge project!

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Wow, what a difference!