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homepage tile photo for undefined Help me get my business off the ground.

[]Carlos Julien Jr

Thanks for the likes guys please share to get me started.

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Ok so gonna get help from here instagram and YouTube. Which project should i tackle first? V8 5.3 1

[]Wilson Oberholzer

The C55/E55 engine swap sounds the best to me personally but if you just want to knock out a project the 5.3 v8 swap in the Wrangler sounds like it wouldn't be too bad. The M60 swap in the m3 also sounds like a pretty sweet project to me. I'll definitely have to subscribe to your YouTube channel and see what happens/.

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Airaid intake and catch can. Lining up lid spacer. Adds larger volume of air and secondary spacer p

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MOD 504

Post by Carlos Julien Jr ...

[]Christopher McDowell El

You have quite the list of projects here. Whats the premise behind them?

[]Carlos Julien Jr

Gearhead. One day open my own shop and starting my own youtube channel.

[]Christopher McDowell El

Well lets see the fruition of these builds on your channel.

[]Carlos Julien Jr

E30 318is m60b40 swap coming. C55 to E55 swap coming. Twin turbo sierra 5.3 build coming. 5.3 lifted jeep (to be the daily) and v8 supercharged eg hatch 6sp not shown. Coming to YouTube channel. MOD504.