F1 racing N/A Stage two clutch

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F1 racing N/A Stage two clutch





The clutch decided to explode on me when I was trying to race a wrx ( i wasn't losing too bad ;) so it was time for a upgrade. Now the Miata was the first car of my own that I've really built at all. I've had the ranger longer. But most of that is bone stock. So when it came to doing upgrades I didn't always do a lot of research first. So I looked online and found this clutch. It was going to get here faster than any other one I looked at and the price wasnt bad so I went for it. I'm sure there are better clutchs out there. But it worked. And it felt really good compared to my old clutch that had been going out since I bought the car. It seemed to be decent quality and it went right in and got the car back on the road. So I was happy with it. Also I couldn't find a part number for this one. You can google it and it pops right up though.





Ultar rev

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Brakes plus


Myself and q


Q from brakes plus and myself did the clutch after the shop closed one night and he was a huge help. If I had been doing it myself (even though I've done 3 on my truck) it would have taken me a few hours.

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