245 HP
280 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4191 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

Before I was even able to drive, I was in love with cars as a kid, from the hot wheels to watching RoadRaces and Fast and Furious. It was hard to explain the feeling to any of my family members because no one in my family tree is really a car person, they may like the idea of owning a fast car but no one really had the love for cars like me, they never understood the feeling of seeing a car as more than just a tool. The mustang is my first car, it was originally owned by my uncle, he liked cars too but it was more of a fashion thing, he owned a lot of car (mainly imports like civics and Integras) but only worked on mods that made the car look and sound good but never fast. I loved his mustang, every day I would walk past my parents house to see the mustang parked right there, it was amazing to see it. My family knew I loved cars because they would see me watching Top Gear in my room or looking at cars on my laptop, so one day they decided it was time for my first car, it turned to be the mustang my uncle owned (he kinda stop caring for it so, he sold it to my dad) I was completely blown away by feeling of owning a mustang, it took months of working part time jobs to finally get the car running correctly, I wasn't concentrating on HP gains or anything, I was mainly only working on getting it running for a daily. It was something special when we got it started :) yeah it may not have been the coolest generation mustang or the fastest, yeah it was v6 instead of a v8 and yeah it was an automatic instead of a manual but it made me feel like I was Steve McQueen from Bullitt, I felt right at home behind the wheel with the prancing horse emblem on in the center of it :) yeah there are faster cars out there, and much nicer cars but nothing will ever be as special as MY mustang..... for now as a college student, I'm gonna take it slow with modifications since it is my ride home lol, but eventually when I get another daily, I would like to turn the mustang into a track car, my goal is to eventually get the v6 to be as fast or faster than my original dream car, the 03-04 mustang cobras. If I can beat a cobra in my little v6, than it'll show all my hard work to everyone. After that, I might swap it to a v8 but only after I complete my goal. I want to use this app to share my progress so maybe someone else who feels like their cars good enough to compete, maybe they can get an inspiration from this :)

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