240 HP
158 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2610 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

Purchased the car as a full time track toy, Turned out it had a bad motor (scored cylinder walls) so i decided to rebuild it from the ground up with Carrillio Rods, CP pistons, new bearings and a full supertech valvetrain. now its as healthy as a horse and damn near bullet proof, the only time i drive this car on the street is for test/maintenance or driving up/down Palomar mountain! it is now trailer'ed to the track, so i can drive it without worry of breaking something. car has minimal interior and soft top gutted. Best Lap times (On RS3's): CVR: 2:02.2 ButtonWillow: 2:01.54 ACS Roval: 1:54.6 Big Willow: 1:35.004 

 UPDATE: my "Bullet proof" motor has gone capute. spun a bearing at WSIR Road Course. now she has a brand new OEM sourced AP2 2.2 short block and my built head.

Cevin's posts
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Cevin Burke671 days ago

lets see if i can see the difference at the next track day, at Chuckwalla next month 

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Cevin Burke912 days ago

just booked big willow for the 25th! super excited 

Discuss this build

[]Andrew Johnson

Very nice! I bet it's a blast on the track

[]Antoni Dabrowski

That yellow pops so nice!

[]Cevin Burke

thank you!

[]Sammie Robertson

love to see an S2000 being driven how it's meant!

[]Cevin Burke

thank you! its a blast

[]Ben Moore

Awesome ride! So you state that you purchased the car as a "full time track toy" do you mean you purchased it already heavily modified or was it completely stock when you bought it?

[]Cevin Burke

it was 100% stock when i purchased it

[]Ben Moore

Awesome car man! Keep up the great work.

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