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Chad Bordwell3 days ago

It was such a beautiful day I just couldn't throw away the footage prior to the camera failing.  It's got some cops, some exotics, and some music.  Filmed in the Focus RS. I hope you enjoy it.

Chad Bordwell5 days ago

Finally posted a new episode of the Daily Drive.  In this one I'm late for work, dealing with crap cameras, talking about Drake road rage, game industry crunch mode, and the Dodge Demon.  All while I try to make up for lost time.  I hope you enjoy it.

Chad Bordwell24 days ago

I've probably brought this up before because I'm old and bias but this bugs the crap out of me.  When the GT350 came out everyone lost their minds about getting their hands one, including me.  I was in the market for a new "fun car" to replace my Mustang GT and the GT350 looked perfect.  But as we all know the dealer price markup and lack of inventory made them impossible to get your hands on.So I started doing some research looking for alternatives and compared the 2013/2014 GT500s to the new GT350s and I was shocked to see on paper at least the GT500 was better in almost every stat.  Here's an example below from Car & Driver magazine.Of course we all know that the GT350 is more track focused than the GT500 mainly because of the solid rear axle but I don't feel people take the GT500 very seriously.  I've never seen a comparison between the two.  How has the new Shelby never been pitted against the old one?This was again brought to my attention today when I watched Motor Trend's review of the brand new 2018 Camaro ZL1 1L3.  They were going nuts about the car's performance which was 0-60 mph in 3.7 sec & the 1/4 mile in 11.7 sec.  These number are basically the same as the GT500 from 4 years ago.  Is the 662hp GT500 not a benchmark?  It is never mentioned, never compared to modern counterparts.  It feels like it was rather quickly forgotten.

Chad Bordwell25 days ago

Last Saturday was actually sunny here in Ontario so I cleaned up the Shelby and did a short detailed walkaround.  Hope you enjoy it.

Chad Bordwell47 days ago

You don't see these too often anymore but a local dealer has one for sale.  Seems a little high for a 2002 but that is in CAD and the miles aren't too bad.  Or should I say the km aren't too bad?I have no reason to purchase it for some reason I'd like to. :P

Chad Bordwell52 days ago

Two years ago I bought the GT500 because I wanted to replace my 2007 Mustang GT.  At the time I had the Mustang for a fun car and a Hummer H3 as a daily.  But the Mustang with just a 300 hp 4.5L wasn't all that much fun anymore.  If you read my old posts you'd see I went through quite a struggle figuring out what I wanted and finding it in my price range before I settled on the GT500.  It's now been two years and since then I've replaced the H3 with a 2017 Focus RS as my daily.  So I now have a fun car and a fun car which has left me feeling a bit weird about owning the Shelby.  Do I really need it?  No, of course not.  I guess the real question would be do I really want it?Just the fact that I'm questioning it really means I'm not having the fun I expected to have with the Shelby.  The car is a beast.  With 662hp under your foot whenever you want it there is no lack of power.  The issue I've been encountering is when do I want that much power?  Really not that often.  Driving around on public roads on days it doesn't rain I find myself putting slowly behind traffic.  The pedal is dying to be mashed to the floor to let that supercharger whine but there is just no place to do it.  Most of the time the Shelby sits in the garage and of course it spends all winter in there under a car cover.  Meanwhile I pay insurance and the nearly $1000 a month loan.The Focus RS on the other hand is always ready for some spirited driving in any weather.  You can really push the car to it's limits without fear that the big horsepower is going to toss you in a ditch.  The insurance is cheaper and so are the payments.  I'm starting to feel maybe the Shelby needs to find a new home.  Maybe if the Shelby is gone I could modify the RS or look to fixing up my '70 Plymouth back home.If I was to sell the Shelby I couldn't be too flexible on the amount because the sale price needs to pay off the loan against it but looking at the local Canadian Auto Trader I believe these are in the correct range.

Chad Bordwell54 days ago

A friend once said my garage was so ugly it looked like I was parking my Shelby inside a dead horse. Ouch.It seems most places in Ontario have tiny one stall garages but they don't need to look like the inside of a dead horse.  So this weekend we finally had time to paint it.It's much better and at least looks like the inside of a dead white horse now.

Chad Bordwell62 days ago

Modified my camera mics then took the 2014 GT500 out for a little thrashing & sound test to see if I made them any better.  Did cold start, revs, external cam mounts & internal. Then a short walk around at the end. I don't think I made the sound quality any better but it was fun making the video anyway.

Chad Bordwell75 days ago

Episode 3 of the Daily Drive is now live on YouTube. In this Episode I drive the Shelby GT500 home from work though the streets of Toronto Ontario.  I talk about Casey Nisestat's future plans with Beam, video games I've been playing with some sort footage, little talk about my car situation, and more. Plus I made a cool little intro showing some of Toronto.Please check it out and give it a like if you'd like.

Chad Bordwell84 days ago

Does anyone use SJCAM cameras?  I have a couple SJ5000 cams that I use to record my automotive stuff.  While recording a couple days ago I had the weirdest thing happen.  Two independent camera suffered the same issue at the same time.  To explain it clearly I made a video.  Let me know if you've had anything similar happen please.

Chad Bordwell89 days ago

Yes! My girlfriend and I had lost an entire day of shooting last year's Ford Stampede here in Ontario, but we recently found them!  I'll be posting the majority of them over on my Instagram at  There some good stuff in there.  Here are a few.

Chad Bordwell97 days ago

My girlfriend sent me a message when the package from Ford Performance arrived. I assured her it wasn't more car parts but she didn't really believe me.  A Few days before I had spent about $600 on window tinting and protective film for the nose of the RS.  I had an idea what was in the box but I knew for sure I had nothing on order.  So I told her lets do an unboxing video and you'll see.

Chad Bordwell102 days ago

I got a package today from Ford Performance.  Wasn't expecting anything but it turned out to be a Focus RS owners kit.  I thought they only did that for owners of the first year (2016) but apparently not.  Really cool and great presentation. Little disappointed it wasn't a die cast Focus in the box but still cool.I'm seriously starting to have doubts.  I keep my Shelby in the garage and the RS is my daily.  But damn, fancy owners kit and production not continuing after 2018.  I'm starting to think I'm pampering the wrong car.  Maybe I should have the RS in the garage and daily the Shelby.

Chad Bordwell104 days ago

Did a little install video of adding those cool blue bubble letters to various places that needed some color.

Chad Bordwell108 days ago

Hey guys, just posted episode 2 of the Daily Drive.  This time I'm in Iowa driving the Focus RS.  I talk about the RS, briefly talk about Farcry 5, show you around my hometown, and give the Focus a little juice now and then.  If you have time please check it out.  I hope you enjoy it.

Chad Bordwell137 days ago

Hey guys,I’m taking a shot at YouTube vids and it would be awesome if you’d take a look at it.  It’s called The Daily Drive and it’s kind of a vlog as I drive to work.  In the first episode I drive the Shelby, cover goals of the series, what it’s like as an American in Canada, and why I bought Shelby GT500.This is my first shot at video creation so it could be considered a bit rough but I’ll progress quickly.  I’d love your feedback and if it’s something of interest to you.

Chad Bordwell144 days ago

Got my Mighty Car Mods "Chopped" sticker in the mail this weekend.  I think it adds a few hp or at least makes me a little more "boy racer" than I should be when combined with my license plate trim.Anyway Mighty Car Mods is an awesome series.

Chad Bordwell147 days ago

It seemed to survive the crash really well but my problem is how often does anyone do 35 mph in an RS?   

Chad Bordwell152 days ago

Got the summer tires on the RS today. Fingers crossed Canada is done with the snow. Sucks that you can't sync the wheels with the tire pressure monitor system yourself. Gonna need to take it to a garage.

Chad Bordwell178 days ago

So far commuting with the RS I've been averaging 11 mpg. :( I was hoping for a little better, like 20. It is a very difficult car to drive within the speed limit. Seeing a lot more boost than I am eco.

Chad Bordwell181 days ago

American Motoring

Chad Bordwell182 days ago

The RS is home. Pretty grippy car. Gonna get some miles on it and get to know it before I attempt any big launches. So far feels pretty fun. Not as uncomfortable as I had expected. Should make a great daily driver.

Chad Bordwell185 days ago

I asked the dealership​ several times to not drill holes in my Focus RS bumper for a front plate when it arrives. So of course they​ drilled holes in the bumper.

Chad Bordwell187 days ago

Getting ready for spring. Took the Shelby out of winter storage, gassed it up, & check tire pressures. Damn that thing is scary in cold weather with summer tires. It went right back under the car cover in the garage. I figure about another month.

Chad Bordwell191 days ago

Focus RS plowing through deep snow in Iceland

Chad Bordwell195 days ago

Gonna go look at a '17 Focus RS today. Not the exact one in the pic but that's what I'm going for. Need a really good price on my H3 trade if it's gonna happen though so not keeping a lot of hope. Wish me luck.