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Best things in life go VROOM!
Chad Bordwell18 days ago

Hey guys,I’m taking a shot at YouTube vids and it would be awesome... MORE

Chad Bordwell25 days ago

Got my Mighty Car Mods "Chopped" sticker in the mail... MORE

Chad Bordwell28 days ago

It seemed to survive the crash really well but my problem is how... MORE

Chad Bordwell33 days ago

Got the summer tires on the RS today. Fingers crossed Canada is Sucks that you can't sync the wheels with the tire pressure monitor system yourself. Gonna need to take it to a garage.... MORE

Chad Bordwell59 days ago

So far commuting with the RS I've been averaging 11 mpg. :( I... MORE

Chad Bordwell62 days ago

American Motoring

Chad Bordwell63 days ago

The RS is home. Pretty grippy car. Gonna get some miles on it... MORE

Chad Bordwell66 days ago

I asked the dealership​ several times to not drill holes in my... MORE

Chad Bordwell68 days ago

Getting ready for spring. Took the Shelby out of winter storage,... MORE

Chad Bordwell72 days ago

Focus RS plowing through deep snow in Iceland

Chad Bordwell76 days ago

Gonna go look at a '17 Focus RS today. Not the exact one in the... MORE

Chad Bordwell81 days ago

Is it just me or does it feel like right now would be a bad time... MORE

Chad Bordwell84 days ago

Spring is coming and so my Shelby can be released from its winter This dilemma starts with asking will the car hold its value? I bought the car from a company that specializes in “special” cars. They of course think every car is amazing and full of value at least until they sell it. But I had the unique opportunity to have gotten along really well with the guy that put together my loan and he happened to have changed jobs and gone to a different dealership. So when he messaged me that he had moved I said, “Hey, now that you’re not at the... MORE

Chad Bordwell102 days ago

All this talk about the Dodge Demon lately. How many people remember... MORE

Chad Bordwell106 days ago

Can a Shelby GT500 really be called a Mustang? I mean nowhere... MORE

Chad Bordwell109 days ago

More old car show shots. Don't know the story about this hot rod... MORE

Chad Bordwell111 days ago

Digging through some old photos I found some pics from a car show... MORE

Chad Bordwell124 days ago

I'm going through winter hp withdraws. I know because I've been I really like the stealth gray with nitrous blue accents. ;)... MORE

Chad Bordwell134 days ago

Dodge teased at a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon?? What the Hellcat?... MORE

Chad Bordwell142 days ago

Went to the garage, uncovered the Shelby, and let it warm up. Think... MORE

Chad Bordwell161 days ago

The aftermarket fog lights on the front have rusted inside to the... MORE

Chad Bordwell167 days ago

Now that my car is put away for the winter I find myself going... MORE

Chad Bordwell170 days ago

This was my commute home last night. Very artsy.

Chad Bordwell176 days ago used to be my "go to" site for the car Be careful Wheelwell.... MORE

Chad Bordwell189 days ago

Just got the Hummer back from the shop.... again. Happily it wasn't My brother keeps telling me to, "cut the thing loose" and get rid of it. But I love that damn thing. It's just such a big brute. Sure I could trade it in on some other 4-wheel drive truck that everyone else has but there aren't Hummers anymore and I've got one. Seems special to me.... MORE

Chad Bordwell195 days ago

I was digging through some stuff today and came across a few things... MORE