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Chad Wattie

Armstrong BC

Life is to short to drive boring vehicles! Versatile Motorsports coming soon...#garagebuilt
Chad Wattie35 days ago

Post by Chad Wattie...

Chad Wattie43 days ago

Mustang Monday

Chad Wattie57 days ago

Got some sweet stickers in the mail.

Chad Wattie57 days ago

Finally got the 15 Mustang on the road

Chad Wattie99 days ago

Cobra brakes going on the 88 Foxbody

Chad Wattie104 days ago

Loving the new look 😘👌

Chad Wattie105 days ago

Ferrada wheels mounted up on the 15 Mustang

Chad Wattie106 days ago

Opened up the top of the struts on the S550 Mustang today. Making... MORE

Chad Wattie124 days ago

Welding in the Maximum Motorsports torque arm.

Chad Wattie140 days ago

Finally got some time to work on the S550 Mustang. Changed the... MORE

Chad Wattie163 days ago

Looking forward to spring. The S550 is almost where I want it.... MORE

Chad Wattie175 days ago

Loving the way it sits aired out.

Chad Wattie175 days ago

Finished installing the air suspension today. A few details to... MORE

Chad Wattie175 days ago

Better pic of rear

Chad Wattie176 days ago

Mocked up the wheels I did get. Picture doesn't do the rear dish... MORE

Chad Wattie182 days ago

New family mover. It was time to upgrade the Jeep jk unlimited... MORE

Chad Wattie187 days ago

After 2 weeks of delays I finally received 2 of 4 rims...thx UPS... MORE

Chad Wattie189 days ago

Getting to work on plumbing air lines and mounting tank. Think... MORE

Chad Wattie192 days ago

Rear shocks and bags in . The factory spring removal was a battle.... MORE

Chad Wattie193 days ago

Getting crowded in here! Wouldn't want it any other way.

Chad Wattie193 days ago

There's something about tearing apart a perfectly good suspension.... MORE

Chad Wattie194 days ago

Got some work to do on the 15 Mustang

Chad Wattie196 days ago

Big changes coming for the S550.

Chad Wattie198 days ago

Been busy working haven't posted for awhile.Pipelining in Alberta,... MORE

Chad Wattie214 days ago

I've had this hood sitting around forever. Might not use it, but... MORE

Chad Wattie216 days ago

Damn you Black Friday and all your sales! 💸