Engine Size
5 L
Transmission Type
T5 manual

Purchased 13 years ago. Was 3 different colors and needed a oil pump. Started with a rebuild of the motor then started on the body. After purchasing a poor quality cobra R body kit I started learning your better off buying the right/quality part the first time. Finally went into paint...which was another disappointment due to the painter not having a clue. Car was sonic blue but there was so much fish eye and imperfections in the paint. The car sat in garage for next few years as I was embarrassed to drive it. Finally decided it was going to be repainted or put up for sale. Found another body shop and had car stripped and repainted a Nissan GTR gun metallic color. Currently adding Maximum Motorsports suspension parts and converting to 5 lug and 18 inch wheels.Car never saw the road in 2016...that will change in 2017. Road trips and some autocross for the future.....

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