127 HP
180 lb-ft
Curb Weight
2789 lbs
Engine Size
2.7 L
5 Speed

So I was looking for a daily to keep miles off my tow pig (and to be more entertaining to drive) when the day after my wedding a buddy messaged me and asked if I wanted to pick this thing up for super cheap. I'm lucky I have a very supporting wife because the next day I drove to my friends house and picked this thing up along with a good amount of parts. So the story behind this thing was it had a rough life and it is no where near a clean example of a e30 nor is it really the desirable one so naturally my friend was going to turn this into a rallycross car. Well he decided that he has too many projects already and let me pick this up super cheap. When I got it it had no interior other than a dash and seats, The ac didn't work, no radio or speakers, no power steering, a cracked windshield, rusted exhaust, no door cards, and because its the e model it had a sad 2.93 open diff. So far I've replaced the windshield, put some interior bits back in like glovebox and door cards, swapped the rear end to a 3.73 lsd, installed a radio, fixed windows, installed new shifter and many other things.

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