395 HP
410 LB-FT
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5.7 L
Transmission Type

I bought this in November of 17 because I realized I have a tendency to tow things a lot. From rescuing family and friends to going racing I wanted a reliable truck I could haul stuff with for cheap. The funny thing is this truck actually used to belong to my dad. He had traded it in with about 50k on the clock for a truck with 4x4 (I don't need 4x4 for towing) and it was just sitting at the dealership where he works for about 4 months or so before I realized I needed something new. So long story short I bought the truck from where he worked (got a good deal because they knew me and he worked for them) and have proceeded to put lots of miles and had plenty of towing adventures with this truck. Oh and technically this is a quad cab they just didn't have the right designation for it here.

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