210~ HP
220~ LB-FT
Curb Weight
2668 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.6 L Turbo @ 18PSI
Transmission Type
6 Speed Manual
MPG (City/Highway)
27/36 (31) MPG

This is my first "performance vehicle", lowest mileage car at purchase (66,700) and first turbo-charged vehicle as well. This car quickly has become my pride and joy, I love it despite what anyone has to say about it. The stigma of MINIs being "chick cars" and such, even I had fallen into at one point, though after having test drove this car all doubts were gone. After which point that I had officially decided to retire my prior car (2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser), I set out to find a "hot hatch". I knew I wanted something that was turbo-charged, quick, nimble and (moderately) practical. I had set my sights originally on a Ford Focus ST. Though I was open to other options such as the Fiesta ST, Golf GTI or Subaru WRX I never considered a MINI... Not until I began to do some research after finding one at a nearby dealership. I found that the numbers were very similar to all the other cars I'd been looking at, I decided to test drive it and haven't regretted it for a moment since... That was at the end of March 2018, and here we are now. I have lots of things in store for this car, as budget will allow, to make it the most fun and reliable daily driver. I plan to take it to track days here and there and hope to eventually try my hand at the autocross scene. However, small town Ohio doesn't lend itself well to events... but I certainly won't complain with having to travel. ;) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fellow MINI enthusiasts, I urge you to join these two Facebook groups. Both have a very family-like atmosphere and a wealth of information. After all, I wouldn't be on WheelWell if it weren't for them. R56 / MINI Alliance: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1220353648035412/ League of Extraordinary MINIacs: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LXMINIacs/

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