220 HP
245 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3101 LB
um what do you think
Engine Size
2.4L L
Transmission Type
dang I wish manual but close nuff
MPG (City/Highway)
depends on how I feel MPG

Don't be hatn on my PT Cruiser. Yeah, these are probably one of the most hated American built cars ever. But why? I know the styling is either love or hate, but come on people. I love my 2004 PT GT, the thing has the same drive line as an SRT-4, it sounds absolutely sick with a muffler delete, the wheels look awesome (and yes they were factory), and it's fun as heck to whip around! It's also one of the few good turbocharged cars I can find for under $5,000. I paid a lot less than 5k for mine, but for good reason. She has around 115,00 miles, and its far from flawless. But still, I turn heads everyday with it, it gets me where I need to go, and I love it to death. I want a Mustang, I always have, and I will have one someday soon. But since I can only afford 1 road-worthy vehicle right now, and considering the winters we get up here in western NY state, I wouldn't want any other ride at this point. SCREW THE STEREOTYPE!

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