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orsche's OEM PASM system provides drivers with two comfort/performance settings for the OEM Porsche or aftermarket PASM equipped dampers. These settings allow the driver to chose between a softer setup, geared for typical street driving, and a stiffer, more track oriented setup, at the press of a button. In our never-ending quest to blur the lines between street and track, TPC Racing developed and founded DSC Sport. Taking the factory PASM system to the next level, DSC Sport utilizes the enormous amount of sensor data flowing through the vehicle to provide a fully active suspension setup. How does DSC Sport work? Imagine speeding down the front straight at your local track. At the end of the straight is a hard right that requires you to stand on the brakes before entering. As soon as you step on the brake pedal, DSC Sport senses the brake force and shift of weight to the front of the vehicle, and it immediately sends a signal to stiffen the front dampers in order to counteract this severe loading of the front end. Then continuing through the turn, as you start to get on the throttle and the vehicle's weight shifts from the front tires (under braking) to the outside rear tire, the DSC Sport reacts again, signaling the outside rear damper to stiffen up to support the load on that corner of the chassis! What the driver feels is a vehicle/chassis that refuses to be upset by rapid directions changes and weight shifts....A perfectly steady and composed ride no matter what the conditions are. Installation is a simple Plug-and-Play operation that only requires the OEM PASM Control Box to be Swapped with the new DSC Sport Controller. In just a few minutes, you are ready to enjoy the imporved feedback and resposiveness of the DSC Sport Contoller. Once installed, DSC Sport interfaces with the PASM button and dash display just as the OEM PASM unit does. Pressing the PASM button will cycle through "Normal" and "Sport," displaying the driver's selected mode on the dash. "Normal" mode is optimized for comfort and compliance on the street, but it may prove to be ideal on bumpy tracks or in low grip scenarios (wet track). "Sport" mode provides top tier motorsort quality damper tuning in real time based on driver input, maximizing grip on the race track. Available for free download at, the DSC Sport tuning software allows users to customize the DSC's tuning files for any particular track, vehicle set up, or application. Applications DSC Sport V1 Controller Available for all 997/987 PASM-equipped vehicles. (All .1 non-turbo vehicles require the purchase and installation of a DSC Sport 3-axis accelerometer.) DSC Sport V2 Controller Available for all 991/981 PASM-equipped vehicles.





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