370 HP
530 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3600 LB
Engine Size
3.0 BiTurbo Diesel L
Transmission Type
ZF 6HP26 6 Speed Auto
Top Speed
193 MPH
Zero to Sixty
4.8 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
31.0 MPG

I bought this car in 2012 for around £14,000. At that time it looked like the 5th photo here, like a standard 3 series coupé. After I owned the car for about 2 years I decided I needed a little more from it. I decided to have an ECU remap done which brought the power up to 360 BHP and about 510 Lb-Ft. I then worked on the aesthetics of the car to make it look a lot more aggressive and 'M3 ish'. I added an 'M1 Style' front bumper from Germany, vented side skirts from Poland and vented rear bumper form France. I also added a Genuine E92 M3 aluminium bonnet which reduced the weight by about 90 Lb's. I next replaced the stock 18" wheels with black after market 19" wheels to make better use of the stupidly short 1st gear and to extend the gearing even more at the top end.  Next to give a little bit more power and a more raspy and louder sound to the 'D' I fabricated my own custom aluminium cat-back exhaust system and completely got rid of the back boxes. This added about 10 BHP and about 20 Lb-Ft of torque and a lot better sound than stock. At this stage it looked like the 4th photo above. So...to finish the look off I wrapped the whole car in matte black and carbon wrapped the roof and wing mirrors.

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