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engineer-nerd. i tinker in a lab making paint for a living. In my off hours i mess with cars and bicycles.

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#Porsche #sportscartogether spotting over the weekend at the local dealership. So gorgeous

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Part for sale


United States

I make custom etched pint glasses. I've done this as a side gig for a while, mostly selling to fami

[]Craig Moody

Legitimate Work here Folks! Sprinkles was quick to reply to my email, and send out work, and I got the glasses intact and they are beautiful! 10/10 would buy from again and in fact... I might... Also Charlie, ever thought about starting an Etsy account??

[]Charlie Sprinkle

I should have a shopfront up in the not so distant future. Thanks for your business!

[]Craig Moody

Emailing you now, I need some custom made ones for old service member friends of mine