I've been a muscle car guy forever and had a 78 Chevy Monte Carlo before I had to let it go. Fast forward a few years later to June 2017 and picking up my 1971 Datsun 240z in Oregon which I had my eye on since Dec. 2016. The car hadn't run for a few years but the tags were from 08. I had some help getting it to it's new home and started working on it right away. I started by cleaning out all junk inside (plenty of cats had made it home), changing the fluids, cleaning the spark plugs, draining the old gas, and getting a battery. To my surprise it didn't take long to fire up though it was backfiring through the carbs. After a few more starts the backfiring toned down and later I replaced the plugs which fixed the backfire issue. The car came with headers, a K&N air filter, and a L28 with a 5 speed swap already. I've been doing little things to clean up the car while I fix some of the other electrical and mechanical issues.

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Chris Boucher524 days ago

I got my order from zcardepot.com before I even got my tracking number! Amazed at the shipping time. #FenderMirror #Brakes #ZCarDepot #Datsun #240z

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[]David Sandbak

This brings back some good memories. My dad had a '73 when I was a kid. I've had 2 '73s and a '70. L26 block, E31 head, jetted carbs, header and of course a 5-spd. Good times. Congrats and enjoy.

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