5.7 L 345 CID
340 hp
390 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm
5 speed auto

This car used to belong to my brother, he was always a big fan of the dodge charger but never really could afford one till he found this car. He purchased it back in 2019 and had plans to fix it up, but passed away in 2021. I ended up with the car and spent 8 months getting it fixed up in honor of my brother. I replaced the front fascia, driver’s side front fender, driver’s side front door, the hood and both rocker panels. All of the tears on the upholstery have been fixed and new instrument cluster was installed. I had a local body shop paint the car and then I put on all of the graphics. I have spent more money on the car then it is worth, but it has come to mean a lot to me. I have no plans to ever sell the car. The car runs like a new car and handles great. I have even had the car in a couple of local car shows.

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I submitted my car to be shown on the youtub channel Reignited and it was chosen https://www.yout

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