500 HP
500 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3100 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.4 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
16/20 MPG

I purchased this car in October 2013 with 145k on the clock. It was bone stock but needed a new clutch. After taking care of maintenance items over the next 6 months to a year, I eventually installed an LCR 'Stage 3 Killer' 20G turbo kit with an external wastegate, Walbro 255, Fuel Injector Development 1200cc/min injectors and a stronger clutch (6-puck, sprung disc) and ran E85. Never dyno'd the car, but it likely made around 350whp at 20-22psi. After about a year, I decided to start collecting parts for a major overhaul of the car. My main points of focus were a built engine, a turbo kit, ditching the OEM intake manifold, overbuilding the fuel system for my power goals, converting all of my rubber vacuum hoses to AN lines and fittings, and finally, a clutch to hold the power. I'm now running a fully-built engine with CP 9:1 pistons, Manley 'Turbo Tuff' I-Beam rods, a DCR billet oil pump, a custom oil windage tray/crank scraper/baffle setup, ARP head studs, BC Stage 3 cams, BC valvesprings and retainers, Modern Performance adjustable cam gears, a race-ported cylinder head, and other goodies. I also completely re-vamped the car's fuel system-- Walbro 450 in-tank fuel pump, -6AN feed/return lines (braided PTFE), Fuelab 6-micron fuel filter, Fuelab 1:1 regulator, Boomba fuel rail, and ID2000 injectors. All of the vacuum hoses have been replaced with braided lines and AN fittings. The intake manifold is custom and uses an MPX 62mm throttle body from an SRT4-- it's also been fully ported. The car has a modified stock pressure plate along with a 4-puck sprung disc. There's a lot more to list, and the car will never be "finished", but it keeps me busy. :) Update (6/19/17) - I picked up a Haltech Elite 1500 ECU with a PNP harness for the SRT4. It'll take a little bit of modifying of the harness, but it should work great. I'll post some updates when I'm finished. Hoping to be able to dyno tune the car and then make it to Street Car Takeover in Denver in mid-July.

Discuss this build

[]Kyle Saunders

Is this the PT cruiser that was featured on PFI Speeds channel on youtube?

I have a pt cruiser Im starting on and really liked how clean your engine bay was.
Did they ever figure out the timing issue? Was it the coil pack like they were saying?

[]Chris Coulson

It was, yep. Thanks man. The timing is fine, and the car's no longer at their shop.. I'll just leave it at that.

[]Ernie Szots

I am typically not a fan of the PT Cruiser but yours is undeniable.

[]Chris Coulson

Thanks, man!

[]Adam Robledo


[]Chris Coulson

Thanks a lot!

[]Alvin Brinson

Nice build! I am looking to pick up a PT Cruiser Turbo for a build project, have a couple I am looking at. Have pretty much gone as far as I can / want to with my Abarth, so looking for something a little older that I can be more free with modding. Would definitely like to see more about your build.

[]Chris Coulson

Thanks very much. Let me know what questions you have and I'd be more than happy to help.

[]Alvin Brinson

I got the PT GT I was looking at. Got it salvage, but it turns out there's not anything wrong with it. Bid $525, after fees and all out the door for $900 for an '03 GT with 25,000 one-owner old lady miles. Only negative is it's an automatic so I won't really be able to go past stage 1. I'll be watching out for a 5 speed salvage to frankenstein something or set up a second one for madness. Will be posting on WW soon.

[]Chris Coulson

Sweet! That’s a good steal. You can go further than S1 with the auto, just always have traction control turned off and don’t boost in OD. Alternatively, if you’re mechanically inclined (as it sounds like you are), you can add trans cooler, and that coupled with the additional capacity and regular fluid changes will elongate the lifespan of that 41TE. There’s a guy out in California with a big-wheel stock turbo on a 41TE making almost 400whp. It can be done. :)

[]Alvin Brinson

Thanks. Going to stick with Stage 1 for the moment, may up it in the future when I'm willing to risk things. As crazy as I went with the Fiat, that probably won't be too long.

[]Blaze Carr

Do you have a YouTube account? I would just love to hear what it sounds like! Beautiful car. I really like your build. That color is amazing too.

[]Chris Coulson

Thanks very much for the feedback! I haven't posted much on YouTube of the car, to be honest, but I plan to going forward. This is a video of my wife parallel-parking the car. I skipped the first minute or so as the clutch is pretty heavy and it can be difficult to get the Getrag into neutral, so she struggled for a bit.


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