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Honda OEM D series Manual Transaxle






This is what makes this car a project for me. The original owner had blew the motor. On HXs the either came with a 5-speed manual transmission or with a super-efficient CVT transmission. This one had the CVT. After many hours, I was able to remove the transmission, actually removed the entire motor and trans, and replaced it with the D15b and manual trans. There were only a few things I had to modify. The auto shifter cable has this little mount thing which gets in the way of the manual shift linkages so you have to cut that out because it's welded in there. And the front upper transmission mount is completely different from a CVT to a Manual. What I ended up doing was undo-ing the welds on the bracket on the manual car and welding it onto the HX. It works and looks OEM. After replacing the shift bushings and greasing up the shifter, this thing shifts like a dream!




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Family Shop


Dad, Me


Upper trans mount is different and you WILL have to DIY. The auto shifter cable mount needs to be cut out. You need to wire the "neutral/park safety switch" to the switch on the clutch. Clusters are different but easily swap-able. You will be drilling holes. If you are uncomfortable doing it, get a reputable shop to help you out :)

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