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        Mighty mouse is a 1970 pontaic lemans sport. Originally a turquoise color but was repainted blue in the late 90’s. When i bought it the front fenders and hood had been replaced due to a tree limb falling on the old components while they were sitting off of the car. I purchased it in early march 2017 for $3200. It had a locked up 400 and a th350 trans. The inside smelled of mice and you could see a nest had been made in the headliner. After getting it home the interior was cleaned and the seats and carpet replaced. New wiring was installed for the dash engine and lights. The car was painted green and new front and rear bumpers installed. The 400 was removed and sent off to be built while a 350 took its place. New rear suspension and 3.90 posi axle was installed as well as new front suspension and disc brakes. The 350 later had a oiling issue and currently the car is sitting waiting to get the 400 back. The th350 was rebuilt by viteo transmissions in south new jersey. The bench seat was recently taken out and replaced with procar rally 1000 bucket seats and a after market center console with cup holders.

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