I'm the original owner of this Cosmo Black 1997 E36 328is with Sport Package and even though it's no M, I don't ever plan on getting rid of it. With the car being old as it is, worn parts are slowly being replaced and upgraded to make sure it continues to perform as well if not better than it did many years ago. I'd like to say it's a project car, but it's a very slow progress at that. And that's the beauty of it, cause I'm not in a rush... I also wanted a place where I can not only share my build, but also keep track of the process and in some case, headaches. I'm sure you all can relate to that. An online build sheet if you will. And it may seem like I found that place here. A couple side notes. The first photo uploaded is a scanned photo of the car the day we bought it in 1997. It's been over two decades of owning this car and I'm hoping for more. Also, you may see photos of my car parked in disabled spaces and it's with good reason. I'm disabled and in a wheelchair. I want to put that out there so there's no misunderstanding. Future plans are up in the air. Like all projects, desires change as new products and innovations come out. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the next chapter is in store for me/us...

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