This is majin bu I bought her about two and a half years ago she had 62,000 miles on the dash I bought her for about 10 grand she ran great little tight your first girl that you have a meeting with JK lol and I thought it was slow sluggish underpowered too big for the miniscule motor that they put in but she's grown on me because the way I thrashed her around she took it she became my second primary vehicle for pizza delivery driving now she's at a hundred forty seven thousand miles and still keep on pulled more so far the mods I have done to this car was putting a Super 40 Flowmaster single port in and dual out a simple cold air intake do to the original air box has been damaged in an accident before I bought the car I do have some simple 18 inch rims on it but that's about it I do have a Hypertech to to stiffen up the transmission and the response time and give it a little bit more power but that's about it soon I'm going to go to HP tuners and have that all changed I'm going to make her into a sporty luxury saloon I'm going to at least try to pull out 300 horses that includes with turbo so far I love her to death despite its a fleet car and it's under power... at almost every angle she is sexy it looks better than its predecessor it does have great performance going around corners despite how much horsepower it is lacking

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