526 HP
429 LB-FT
rear wheel drive
Engine Size
5.2 L
Transmission Type
Zero to Sixty
4.3 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
14/21 MPG
Curb Weight
3796 Lbs
315 cu in
8250 RPM

Traded my troublesome 2018 Mustang GT in for this 2016 GT350. Car only had 3300 miles on it and was owned by an older man who had knee problems so he could no longer drive a manual. Finally got around to removing the ugly front license plate mount. The holes were badly mushroomed from the selling dealer driving huge bolts through the bumper. I tried fixing it myself, but had to get help from a body shop to fix the holes. Luckily- no paint required, just replacement stripes. Just played around with Forscan. Changed a few settings. Removed the annoying double-honk when leaving the car while running. Enabled transmission temperature readout and enabled differential temperature readout. Had to install a temperature sensor in the diff cover and run wires from the diff to the driver side kick panel. Works perfectly. Monitoring temps will tell me if coolers will be needed in the future. Added transmission and differential coolers. Found a rear cooler on ebay off a low mileage 2019 R in perfect shape. I had to pick up a pump and do a bit of plumbing and electrical work to get it going. Also added a transmission cooler by purchasing a modifying an oem cooler to work with an external pump. Two manual switches in the cabin control the pumps. Both work great, loud but do the job. Had to replace the brake pads. There was a clicking in the left front. Upon inspection found that the pad had material missing. Surface rust started on the rotors where the pad wasn't touching. Luckily it could be easily removed. Went ahead and replaced all 4 with Powerstop Z26. There should be less dust and less stuck pads after a wash.

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