Product review

What made you choose this particular product?

The steeda name and quality of their parts

What were you trying to accomplish by adding this product?

Add more rigidity to the IRS system

Was it easy install? Any installation tips that will help others?

Install is not too bad. There are 5 bolts total per side. Could be tough if the IRS cradle is not properly aligned. Probably not a bad idea to install Steeda's cradle alignment bushings before installing these supports.

Once you’ve had a chance to use the product, did it meet your expectations?

They look and work great. Stiffens up the rear of the vehicle.

Any additional comments?

If you are doing any suspension mods (springs, shocks, etc), do these first before installing the IRS supports. You will end up having to take them off to do any work that requires unbolting the cradle.

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