378 WHP
241 WTQ
Curb weight
2800 LB
2.2 Liters

Purchased in late 2018 as a project/fun/weekend street car. So far I've installed a full exhaust system, wheels/tires, and engine management. I'm gathering all the parts to put together the SOS supercharger kit. Update: I installed my complete fuel system this past week including ID1050x injectors, the AEM 320lph E85 pump, AEM rail and pressure regulator, and a flex fuel sensor. I'm currently working with my tuner to run E85. I also installed an upgraded Mishimoto radiator. Update, Aug 2020. I got tired of the loudest s2k exhaust out there and switched over to the Tanabe Medallion cat back. The sound is 1000 times better and I can actually talk inside the car again. Also made time to do the diff mounts, an ap1 clutch slave cylinder and some replacement pulley bearings. 2022- Installed Tein coil springs, replaced my RS4 tires that were worn out with Azenis RT660s, installed SOS supercharger kit with Novi 1200 on the 4.0" pulley, and upgraded the fuel pump. Just getting used to the car at this power level before decreasing the pulley size and going bigger with injectors. Also did some PCV breather mods drilling the valve cover out for -10 size fittings.

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