430rwhp HP
392rwtq LB-FT
Curb Weight
3380 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
17 MPG

Firstly, shout out to Astro Pneumatic Tools for making my track days happen. This mustang is my fourth GT. My last mustang being a single Sparco w/ harness fully caged 2000 GT with a built & supercharged 4.7 made strictly for track duty, I wanted to wade into the mods and track life slowly with this Coyote. I’ve learned the more you go “full racecar” with a build, the less often you get to enjoy it. Having gotten the track itch early in life, I’ve learned how much more fun a proper handling car with a lot of attention to suspension can be compared to simply adding power. This is why for the first 3 years of ownership and several track days, I did nothing to add power outside of an intake+tune – spending the bulk of my part purchases on suspension with a full suite of BMR parts and eventually their Watts link once it came out. My feeling on Mustangs are that they are a great blank canvass. If you like a proper well-suited car, buy something else; or now-a-days basically a GT350. But if you like to wrench, and like to make your car bespoke, Mustangs can be the absolute best candidate. When it comes to suspension, my thoughts have long been outside of front A-arms, if it has a ford part number throw it in the bin and buy Maximum Motorsports, BMR, Whiteline or Agent 47. Once nearly everything bolted to the underside of the car including wheel/tires has been replaced these cars can really do more than you would think otherwise. The F80 M3’s, Corvettes, Camaro ZL1’s and GTR’s you sometimes pass on the track would agree. Eventually, last year I decided to finally pull the trigger on some power mods including Longtube headers, hi-flow catted x-pipe and E50 (similar to E85) tune from VMP as a way to cheat myself into lower times at my local AutoClub Speedway track. While not the ~700hp my last mustang was making, I was surprised by the gains and more than happy with the track performance at this power level. Keeping up with many of the GT3’s, C7’s and higher boost M3’s on slicks in my class (YMMV with their driver skill). With 25-30 min sessions full throttle, heat mitigation is the main goal which is why ultra-high power and boost are not really my thing anymore. Rather deferring to brake ducts, oil coolers and radiator shrouds. If you frequent ACS Roval, hit me up. I’d love to mix it up out there with other car guys/girls.

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