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South West In Car Tech CUSTOM ECU Tuner (Engine Control Unit Programmer)






Personally I had a bad experience with South West In Car Tech (SWICT) However most people have had no issues. For whatever reason the remap was just a regular old Stage 1 remap but was slightly altered by SWICT to suite a couple of the breathing mods that I'd added. They had the car to develop the map for a couple of weeks, I knew something was wrong on the way home when I headed down the slip road of the M4 and saw my sister in her MX5 (coming from London to Wales) I attempted to beat her down the slip road but the car had no power. It turns out that unless the car was up to temperature it fell into Limp mode. Turn the car off and turn it back on again (As Long as it was warm) and it would instantly come back out again. This made journeys where you left the car for an hour or so and came back to it a nightmare as you'd have to drive it for about 5-10 minutes then turn it off and on again to get the turbo to work. I made 3 visits to SWICT and they made two visits to my house to resolve the issue. Eventually after 3 months it was resolved but it was trying, If It'd been now I instantly would of taken it to P-Torque for assessment and a remapping and asked for my money back but I always like to give people a chance if they seem genuine and one thing I will say is that the engineer from SWICT was genuine and he was trying to fix the problem. I never went back but I'm aware of many people who used them following myself that had no issues at all.




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