400 WHP
388 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3342 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5.7 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
20 MPG

Ever since I got Gran Turismo 2 for my 6th birthday, I knew cars were going to be a big part of my life. Throughout school I saved up all the spare change I could. I knew I wanted a special car but I didn't know what just yet. I was looking for a car that looked different than every other car you see on the road, was easy and cheap to mod, and reliable. I test drove and looked at dozens of cars ranging from E46 M3's to Nissan 350Z's. They were all nice but lacked the 'attitude' I was looking for in a car. Then I found a beautiful, stock Firebird with just one owner. I was sold. That was 2013. I've tried to keep her looking stock but she is everything but. This isn't a regular Trans Am build. No nitrous or drag radials here. This car is made to tear your face off in the corners. Nearly every suspension component has been upgraded, lightened and calibrated for maximum grip. She sits 1.5" lower and on fat 315/30/18 R888's at each corner. At the track she is unstoppable. Porsche, Viper, BMW, Corvette and even a couple Ferrari owners all start lurking around my pit once I put down some lap times.  She may be an old GM car from the 90's but she'll still teach your brand new Porsche a thing or two about corners...

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[]Earl Zirkle

This is one of my favorite cars! Nice!

[]Christopher McDowell EL

looking at the wheel selection, makes like the F body a little more

[]Jesse Lara

What kind of offset do those wheels have? Surprised you managed to fit 315s in the front

[]Chris Rosioru

+40mm offset at each corner. I actually had more room in the front than the rear!

[]Richard Schindler

how much more room? im trying to fit 325s or maybe 335s

[]Chris Rosioru

In the front? There's some room but you'd be close to rubbing on the control arm. Depends on the tire/rim combo.

[]Ken Seagle

Time to take that to the smoking tire and have them take it for a drive. :-)


Hopefully next year. I was going to be in the LA area this year and Matt said he would love to drive my car but he's busy doing a shoot for NBC during the time I'll be down there.

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