246.99 whp
202 lbs/ft
Curb Weight
2950 lbs (Stock)
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.7 L
Transmission Type
Manual 5 spd.
MPG (City/Highway)
26 city/ 30highway MPG

Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? It needs to be understood: It's not RWD, JDM, a EVO, a STi, a Supra or a show car, Nowhere does it say GT-R, but it's still pretty cool.  To the date there is $20,500 CDN in the car in terms of buying the vehicle and all the mods and I proud myself on the fact I have only actually spent $7,900 C DN to achieve this. This whole build has been about improving the car within my limits as a student and as such I am an advocate and practitioner of buying quality used parts whenever I am able to do so.  This is my 2008 Hyundai Tiburon GT affectionately named Maya that I have been modifying and building with the help of my technician father over the past 3 years. This car was the replacement to my first car, a 1997 Honda Civic DX (auto), complete with CAI, RTX Poison Series 17", dual 10" Sony XPlod sub system with 2 Pioneer 500W amps, and a fart can to boot. I loved that car! However, it was time to move on. I wanted something that was a manual and more powerful (envious of my friends 1999 SiR). I had my sights set on a orange 07 Eclipse at that same friends dealership he worked for but alas the deal fell through. I fell into this Tiburon, rather than looking for it. After a quick google of the model (as I was only really familiar with it from NFSU1 lol) and I was less than impressed by its 172bhp and 181ftlbs. Needless to say my dad inspected it and said it would be a good buy, so here we are, even though I'd never driven it as I couldn't drive a manual at the time lol. In terms of mods, I instantly started wanting to improve on the car I was not 100% sold on yet. My very first thought was to get rid off the hideous stock bumper that I tried to convince myself to love but just never could. This eventually happened 3 years after buying the car when the Hana FL2 bumper (renowned in the Tiburon community as the best aftermarket bumper for the car) became available local to me in Kingston, ON. However, since my Civic was mostly all looks, I wanted this to be more about performance. It has to be noted that the Tiburon was never a mainstream tuner/ import car and thus aftermarket support for it is nowhere near what is available for other splatforms such as civics, Genesis, Veloster, 86/BRZ, 350/ 370, RX7/8, Sti etc. I thoroughly researched all things performance related on Newtiburon.com and within the first summer of driving it completed my I/H/E build. From there little things were added: NGK wires, Kenwood DPX500BT Stereo, Pioneer speakers all the way around, Fastwheels Rennen 17" etc. The biggest update was when my build transitioned to forced induction when I purchased my supercharger setup which in the Tiburon community is referred to as a Sniper Stage 1 (Nextgeneration Motorsports stage 4 upper intake manifold, Eaton MP62 blower and a water to air intercooler system). The most unique thing regarding this is that when I purchased the kit in 2015 Nextgeneration Motorsports was no longer around and no S/C kits were made new for the Tiburon. Additionally, I was able to get hold of a NGM 70mm Tri flo bbtb (big bore throttle body) which is a very rare part among the Tiburon community. I then proceeded to add a Mishimoto compacted 2 port baffled oil catch can, custom coolant reservoir made in London, ON, DC Sports strut bar (which I bought off a guy at a Subaru dealership lol) among other things.  This car is my daily driver during the summer and I'm quite proud of how far we have come together in terms of me immensely increasing my knowledge of the mechanics of a car and the progress this thing has made from its very humble stock beginnings.  Describe the modifications you've made. Where did you start,  what’s the most recent mod and what motivated it? <------All modifications are listed in the parts list on the side of the page. Of all the mods you’ve made, which do you think offers the biggest bang for the buck? Of all the mods I've put in the car the NGM Stage 1 Sniper set up and DC Sports exhaust are by far and away the biggest band for buck in that they have yielded the msot performance increase to the car  However, my favorite mods are the Hana Motors FL2 front bumper as it so dramatically changes the look of car in an amazing way while maintaining factory appeal; this is how the Tiburon was meant to look from the factory. I absolutely love the NGM 70mm tri-flo bbtb as it is a unique part that not many in the Tiburon community have and I got it on a huge steal, all of which making it even more unique and cool to me. I also have a compact 2 port baffled oil catch can by Mishimoto I am in love with. This single part not only adds safety and longevity to the life of the supercharger set up, but is made with such quality in design and fabrication it made me fall in love with the company (even though I have a Koyo radiator :P). How did you go about selecting the specific parts for this build? Any installation tips to share? All of my parts were chosen off of their relative value. How much better reliability, performance, handling, appeal would they give my car for relative cost. As mentioned I try to by used as much as I can to save some money as I am currently a student, and have found buying used is what is within my limits at this time. I've paid the price in some instances; had to rebuild the blower I bought which ended up costing another $600 on top of the $2400 I paid. This whole build has been about making the car something I'd love and have a vision for while staying inside my limits in a way that I would still be able to enjoy it rather than it being a drain on my life. What are you planning next? Outside of performance, I am currently in the mode of upgrading small details and aesthetics and would like to move towards upgrading suspension components next year (2017). I won't be adding coilovers as with the new bumper the front end already struggles over some of the bumpy areas in my hometown. I currently am looking into an upgraded 23mm (from 19mm stock) rear sway bar as well as chassis bracing through Ultra Racing. I am mulling over the idea and designing plans to DIY these parts as I have access to a full shop and my fabrication skills with a welder and metal are up to par. There are also plans in the works for a custom subwoofer enclosure as well as the common swap for the Hyundai XG350 front dual piston brake calipers. What’s been the biggest challenge with this build? Biggest challenge for this build is the lack of aftermarket support for the Tiburon platform given that it was never super powerful, RWD, light or JDM. The majority of parts on this build were a result of meticulously monitoring Facebook groups and the Tiburon forum for parts to arise. 

Discuss this build

[]Bob Jones

Can you please tell me where you bought your aftermarket bumper or what it is called. I have been googling it for hours and cannot find it. Thanks!!

[]Robert Sixto

I always thought these were cool little cars, first one from Hyundai that got my attention. That front bumper is cool as hell.

[]Chris Withenshaw

Thanks much! :)
I think as a vehicle its place in Hyundai's history is underrated as I too think it was the first car Hyundai made that really got people's attention and showed they could make a good car. Haha the stock bumpers are not my favorite look so the aftermarket one was a necessity :P

[]Robert Sixto

It works well, almost looks like it could have been a stock option, very cohesive. 👌

[]Ben Moore

Awesome car man! keep up the great work.

[]Chris Withenshaw

Thanks man! Its getting there after almost 4 years, couple more significant things in store for summer 2018! :)

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