135 HP
148 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3270 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25 MPG

So far, I've updated: New Water Pump w/ Timing Belt New Battery in 2016 New License Plate Holder w/ Toyota Placemarker in front to cover up screw holes (NY car in AZ) New Coolant Reservoir New Radiator New Gaskets (oil leak on back top end repaired) New Hoses New Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir New Floormats (Buick OEM, no logo, fits perfect)... New Window Tint (Limo) Bluetooth Cassette adapter... (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA93A6PH5690&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC-_-pla-_-Network+-+Routers+%2F+Remote-_-9SIA93A6PH5690&gclid=Cj0KCQjwh7zWBRCiARIsAId9b4rrJo62zA7HTAkxkQ_F7ijGWERLnnXSMwJsum87jVUunubl2C4CL2gaAkViEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds) Headlights ($185.00 for 4 pieces - Depo Clear Black Crystal) Turn Signals are now Clear (not in pictures yet) New Tail Light in Hatch Door as old one was cracked.. Screw Button Caps inside of Door Panels (VERY EXPENSIVE @ $33.00 for 4 from Toyota Dealer, be careful to use a wide flathead as they are very brittle when you're removing door panels to replace window motors and handles) New Door Handles on interior (VERY CHEAP) New Rear Window Motor (IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND, no longer made new, junkyard find, coworker rolled window down and plastic part for wire guide broke) Front Monroe Struts P225 50 R17 MB Alpina Chrome Wheels - $420 including used Michelin Pilot SuperSport tires on Craigslist in 2016 P225 50 R17 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 - $520 for new Tires in 2018... Exterior door handle x 1 (Mechanic broke it, but paid for new part and painted somewhat closely to match)... JB Weld to hold on Gas Door as it was loose when I purchased the car (it's plastic and hard to find in this paint color) 3-9-2015 Today, I fixed my Camry's loose fuel door weld with JB Weld SteelStik Putty. I think it will work well after I read a lot of reviews. I'll just need to spray over it with some OEM silver paint after it cures and it will look as it did from the factory. 1-20-2015 One of the last things I did to the Toyota Camry wagon was replace the rear tail lamps because the light on the dash came on saying one was out. Broke a few plastic clips, but everything still went together alright (only a very slight rattle when the bass hits if I'm listening to music). BTW, in my opinion, these wagons have the best sound I've ever heard (6 speaker system with factory amp, I believe). These speakers really are second to none for a 20 year old car. On the newer Camry's, the factory used JBL speakers. I'm not sure what they used back in 1994, but it's impressive for a factory system. I also replaced the rear passenger window regulator over Christmas vacation because the braided wire cable grommet end broke through the plastic cable guide inside of the old regulator. I really wanted to buy a new OEM regulator, but sadly they no longer sell or make those for the wagon, so I ordered one from a junkyard in Tennessee online. I was planning originally on buying the regulator from Camelback Toyota for $380.00 (new), but they were the ones notifying me that the factory no longer has any inventory of that part. There were only two rear passenger window regulators in the whole country! I'm curious on how many of these things were actually made. I've only seen about 4 of them in Phoenix in 3 years, one of them was slammed with color matched wheels (ugly). The other three seemed somewhat decent but were all lacking hubcaps on all of them. 1-4-2014 Bought the car The perfect car is hard to find, especially while low on money. My aging and no longer reliable 1999 Pontiac GrandAm was much newer than the car I bought to replace it. As I needed a car to get to work, I started looking on Craigslist for the right car. After much searching and a single test drive of an absolutely horrible Ford Focus, I found this near mint 1994 Toyota Camry Wagon with only about 99k miles on it in January of 2014. An immigrant from Jordan sold it, or rather his young son sold it to me. The car looked like it was nearly new. There were a few dings and scrapes but nothing that couldn't be fixed easily. The main thing that grabbed my attention was the car drove better than even the new cars that I test drove at the dealership. The interior was the best I've ever seen on a 20 year old car in Arizona It seems like most people treat their cars like it's disposable here (just not even worrying about taking care of them) and they all seemed to want more than 3-4 thousand dollars with these cars exhibiting major flaws such as a dirty interior, running like someone filled the gas tank with rock salt, very flaky paint, obvious major accident damage, and sometimes the car doesn't even run! Luckily, my seller was very reasonable and I only paid $2,900.00 for this gem of a Camry. I know that nothing even remotely as nice as this car was out there for this kind of money, especially with the kind of care the previous owner or owners provided during their ownership of this car. The car looks pristine with very minor scratches and paint flaws due to parking lot carts and car doors, but no dents or major flaws. There was a slight crinkle in the radiator support, which I've heard can happen if a radiator blew at some point or in the case of a minor low-speed collision. The engine bay was so clean, you could eat off of it. The intake manifold looked polished professionally and caught the sunlight in its brushed finish as I looked over the new ride. The AAA sticker on the driver's rear quarter panel was the first thing to go because the last thing I wanted was an ugly sticker marring the paint. Also in the first week, I replaced all the hubcaps since they were mismatched. (3) were Toyota and (1) was a Walmart special, so in the dumpster they went and (4) new hubcaps with as much coverage of the steel wheels as possible went on. I hated the ugly ones at AutoZone and Walmart that have chrome, or gunmetal chrome because they showed too much of the steel wheel behind. I preferred my hubcaps to actually look like wheels and not to look like tacky stick on crap from Pep Boys. The car has now gone on 4 oil changes. I have driven it about 18,000 miles in one year so far. Also as far as upgrades or replacements, I've only purchased the front Monroe Quick struts and a few other things such as windshield wipers, rear turn signal bulbs, a rear passenger window regulator (extremely, extremely RARE!), plastic screw caps for the front doors as the old ones were so brittle, they snapped when I took off the door skins to replace the door handles (4 for $34.00 from Camelback Toyota parts store!) and interior door handles. I also purchased some factory gray / black floor mats with OEM plastic ring securing holes. They fit really nicely with the carpet and interior. Last summer, I had to buy a hose clamp because the bottom radiator hose clamp had rusted through while driving which ended up dumping all the coolant from the radiator as I drove around in stop and go traffic. I pulled over as soon as I noticed the engine starting to get close to overheating, and started running around to gas stations seeing if any of them carried hose clamps or coolant. No luck after I visited 5 gas stations, so I started calling around. This happened around 8:45 at night and O'Reilly Autoparts was going to close in 15 minutes, so I found out that AutoZone was open til 10 pm. I ended up running 2 miles on foot to AutoZone (since all the cabs were busy) to pick up the clamp and coolant. After that long run, I was so tired that I took a cab back after a half hour wait. By the time I got back, I started getting my tools all ready for the quick and easy job. I would recommend having at least screw drivers and sockets with ratcheting socket wrench in your car at all times just in case! I then installed the clamp over the loose radiator hose after I made sure to snug the hose up to the radiator. This required jacking up the car and removing the plastic guard below the radiator so I could tighten it properly. Note to self: I need to replace all the slightly rusted bolts holding it on, since they are all rounded off and have jagged edges. All while this was happening, lots of drunk belligerent people were constantly asking me what I was doing laying on my back under my car. One guy did help out and he was pretty cool. I also saw a few fights break out too. People, people, people, what is up with everyone being assholes while drinking? Anyhow, the fix worked and after adding a gallon of coolant and about 3/4 of a gallon of water while the engine was running to burp out any air bubbles, we were as good as new. Once the level of the coolant stopped going down in the radiator, I sealed it up and filled the surge tank with what was left and got on the road again. I also purchased (4) door handles for the interior in case they break. I've only replaced two so far and both of them were still useable. One just had some plastic chipped off. Other things to do this year include rear struts (already got the wagon springs from Moog). I plan on doing a transmission flush. I bought some new tires for the rear and rotated the tires in November. In February, I got the windows tinted and the pictures will be up very soon. This is the happiest I've ever been with a car! All Original Paint (Silvermist Metallic) All Original Interior other than door handles... (Gray interior)

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