115 HP
104 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2324 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.6 L SOHC
Transmission Type
Manual 5 speed
MPG (City/Highway)
37 / 44

If you read the vehicle summary, you have a small view into the reason why I bought this car. Well, now I'm going to go into a bit more detail. A couple of years ago, I owned a used 2007 VW GLI Package 2, quite a nice and luxurious car. Not to mention, pretty quick to say the least. Unfortunately, an installation issue with a axle caused a bolt from the driver side axle to spring out and crack my DSG transmission case... Car was dead in the water. Enter 1997 Honda Civic HX The date was August 2016. I went searching for a car to use as a daily while I fixed the issues with my VW. Having never owned or desired to own a Honda, I thought I would finally be more open minded and look past the "Fast & Furious" stigma of Honda and experience for myself, what many people have been raving about regarding the dependability, customization and economic attributes of this long standing car manufacturer. After a long look at potential possibilities, some much better than others, I set a price point and made a list of cars searched on Craigslist. With the help of my brother, I made a list of 10 Honda and Acura cars and based my decisions on my needs first. After showing my brother the list, he immediately pointed out and said, "Get the RED one". As instructed, I made an appointment and went to look over the car. The body, as can be seen in the pictures, had it's issues and blemishes. I looked past these because, A) I needed a car, no matter what, and B) The car drove great, shifted wonderfully and sounded healthy with 132k on the odometer. We worked out the price and I drove it home. It had been quite a while since I had driven a manual, even more so, as a daily driver. Going back to my childhood and remembering my dad's guidance and instructions, I got myself mowing along the gears again and working the clutch pedal. I did the usual maintenance after purchasing a used vehicle, especially one 19 years old at the time, and got into changing out the oil, filters, spark plugs, and etc. Not too long after, I decided to get a little deeper into repairs and preventive maintenance. The transmission came down and new bearings and seals went in. Including a new clutch kit. More parts came in and more new stuff went on this little Civic. She was taking on a fresher look, sound, and feel about her. I was much more pleased with the car as a whole once these repair took place, but as most car enthusiast, you can't keep a car stock for too long and the itch to modify is relentless. Which brings me to today. The car has continued to take shape. I am nowhere near finished or at where I see myself going with modification to this Civic, but I have had plenty of trial and error on bits and pieces. I'm waiting for the stock engine to exhaust itself, though it will be hard, it's still a Honda. Once that time comes though, I know the engine possibilities are endless, but I have an idea of the route I'm choosing, so stay tuned for that and a few other mods to come. Thanks for looking. Stay tuned. C.A.L.M. ***UPDATE*** - March 2019 Time has passed since I last wrote my story about this plucky little coupe and things are looking bright for the future of this car. If you're following along, you've noticed the few aesthetic and performance upgrades that have taken place. Quite frankly though, it is all just a small stepping stone for what's to come. I attached some of the performance pieces, not so much for the gains they would bring,(hardly much, if I'm honest), but fun nonetheless. Plus, I didn't really dig too far in my pockets. Most of the stuff I already had and was just laying around in my garage. Anyway, I added these pieces, because although this car has been quite good to me in the less than 3 years I've owned it, I can sense and feel the life of the engine slowly escaping and degrading. She's almost at 200k, 196k as of this update. So, this little economy engine is literally on its last leg. Of course, hope and sight is not lost though. There were plans set forth for this coming event in the car life and these plans will come to fruition. For the last couple of month, time has been grossly overspent, money has been flying out of my checkbook, and parts have been stockpiling in my garage for the next stage of this cars life. The D16Y5 VTEC-E engine will see that last of its daily commuter duties for a long period of time,(The engine is not getting trashed though. Stay tuned for the fun little project that will become.) and the new transplanted heart will be dropped in, the D16Y8 VTEC. Not too much of a difference, some would say, but obviously there's a catch. It won't just be a simple drop in swap. Yes ladies and gentlemen, were going with a built engine. **hint - wonder how much psi I should run. 🐌 LOL Anyway, keep a close eye on what's to come. I can honestly say, no one is more excited than I am to see the outcome of this little garage build, but keep yourselves locked in for the future mods. The pressure is building up from excitement. LOL. Thanks for looking. Stay tuned. C.A.L.M.

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