Curb Weight
(unconfirmed) 3439 LB
Engine Size
(Stroked) 2.8 L
Transmission Type
6 speed Getrag

Complete build story and pictures can be found at, http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/169318-my-first-project-bnr34-mpii.html

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[]Kit Lau

Agree with Mitchell - I always love a good build story ^___^ but seriously though... stock japanese stereo?

[]Christian Persson

hehe, funny thing is - it wont be able to receive any radio stations either as Japanece only use up to 90Mhz which basically is where our radio frequency starts in Sweden but i dont imagine i will be using the stereo much as i have my fixed sound of music coming from the engine ;)

[]Mitchell Apex hunter

That's a fascinating build story. Sounds like this build was no expense spared and it's turned out wonderfully.

[]Christian Persson

Thanks Mitchell, appreciate that - not quite there yet, have a respray planned this fall but i will be keeping the same Midnight Purple II it had from factory, just need to few panels back in order.

[]Rob Bonzani

Meh.... jk. Amazing car.

[]Mike Leavell

Beautiful Car...

[]Joseph Frascati

Um, yes please.

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