This Wrangler was my first car. I bought it the summer before my sophomore year of high school and had through the end of my junior year. It was a great vehicle only ever needing a water pump at a 136k miles. Never left me stranded and was fairly off road capable despite the 4 cylinder under the hood (wasn't much for going up any hilly roads fast though). This car and the first shop class I took that year started my passion for all things motorized. I didn't do too much more than maintenance on the Jeep, only ever adding running boards and wiring up the lights. I miss it and wish I could have it back. Unfortunately, with the soft top and suspension/tire setup it was in no way a vehicle that I wanted to be driving 8 hours to and from the out-of-state college that I was to attend. Sold it for only $200 less than I paid to the first person who came to look at it, which was nice. One of these days I'll own another.

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