525 HP
450 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3600 LB
Engine Size
4.6 L
Transmission Type
6 Speed Manual
Top Speed
160 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
Who cares! MPG

My 2003 Mustang SVT Cobra Convertible is my fifth Mustang.  I started off in 1977 with a White 1968 Mustang Fastback, with a 200Cid six and a three-speed manual transmission. It wasn't long before I changed the 3-speed trans for a top loader 4 speed with a Hurst Shifter. A year later I had a 302 (5L) short block built for me, with a Crane high lift cam. I had a three-angle valve job done on the stock heads but had installed Crane Cam Double valve Springs and Ford Screw-In Rocker studs. The intake was an Edelbrock single plane with a 650 Holley carb. The exhaust was taking care of by Headman Header and Thrush dual mufflers. A year later the stock six banger rearend couldn't take the power of the 302 and blew up. I, fortunately, had a line on a Ford 9" Posi which I installed over the winter. I had the '68 for over ten years so I had added more parts and accessories to it over the years. It was a fun, fast car. My second Mustang was a brand new Oxford White 1984-1/2 Mustang GT350 20th Anniversary Special Edition hatchback, which I still own today. I've tried to keep it as original and stock as possible.  I've only added a K&N Air Filter and a Pro 5.0 Shifter and a custom shift knob to the 5.0L V8 and 5-speed trans. Mustang number three was a Candy Red 1993 Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible. I had this car for about ten years and added a Pro 5.0 Shifter, Mac cat-back exhaust and Eibach Springs. In 2005 I started looking for a SVT Cobra. At this time I couldn't afford one so I settled on Mustang number four, a 2003 Zinc Yellow Mustang GT Convertible, which wasn't such a bad compromise. I had a lot of fun with this car after adding a Pro 5.0 Shifter to it, and a set of Goodyear F1 GS-D3 tires. In 2007 I finally found Mustang number five, my really nice 2003 Zinc Yellow Mustang SVT Cobra Convertible with only 4000kms from a dealer who bought it from the original owner. It was mint. It still smelled like a new car! So I traded in the 2003 GT and bought it. Because it was the same year and colour as my GT my family and friends didn't even know I'd bought a new car,  that is until they came for a ride, then they knew, this car was something special. I don't have any plans to sell my Cobra anytime soon.  I still love driving it and it gets lots of attention.  CPB. 

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