2.3 Lima
5 Spd

So, my ex and I picked this puppy up in Rhode Island after i finally blew the transmission on my 2005 Ford Escape. (it had been under warranty recall way past it's mileage at around 215k when it finally give out) The previous owner had done quite a number on this truck and wasn't having any luck with it, so he basically was just happy to get rid of it. Lucky me. She had low mileage and a whack paint-job, but i saw potential. About a week or so after i bought it i blew the rear hard brake line, which served as foreshadowing for how my relationship with this truck would continue during my time of ownership. I put a good chunk of change into her, and really wanted to make something wonderful out of her - but ultimately just wound up junking her (out of frustration) after i lost the key at a junkyard one day - and have been kickin myself since. I'd definitely love to get another RWD Ranger one day- as i love the platform and for the most part when this old girl wasn't leaking coolant everywhere - she was pretty well behaved. She taught me a lot about trucks, fords and I even learned about timing with this vehicle. Also the only vehicle I've ever owned that I didn't get a ticket in I'm pretty sure. No, I am not proud of that.

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