250 Hp
258 Ft/lbs
Engine displacement
2.5 L
2998 Lbs

Well, it's been 17 years since I sold my first Porsche 944, and after getting bit by the nostalgia bug, I decided to get back into the game. Back when I daily drove my 1984 944 I had always dreamed of owning a 944 Turbo (951). There were a couple near misses when I nearly bought one, but things just never worked out in the end for whatever reason...until now 😁 Enter September 2019. I've been looking around for a 951 for a little while, almost traded a 2002 cvo Harley for one, and then i found THE one...a fairly clean, SOLID 1988 944 Turbo S, that nobody seemed to realize was actually a Turbo S... The ad for mine popped up randomly on Facebook marketplace. I had been looking for a while, but this one was advertised as a 944; not a turbo, not a 951, and definitely not a Turbo S. The picture gave it all away, as the nose of a 951 is nothing like that of a regular 944 NA, so I clicked on the ad and started digging deeper. The ad itself didn't say much, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and one look at the door cards told me this was probably not your everyday turbo. The seats looked a lot like run of the mill burgundy leather, but there, in all their glory, were the exclusive burgundy-check cloth door cards found only on the 1988 turbo S. The pics didn't tell me much else, so I knew a trip was in order. The car was a couple hours away, so I checked my calendar to see how my schedule looked, and as is was I actually had an appointment scheduled only 20 minutes or so from the dealership for the coming Saturday. That Saturday came, and after my appointment was finished I made my way up to see the car. I arrived before they opened, and saw her sitting there. I have to admit, the car wasn't perfect, but was exactly what I was looking for. She was definitely something. I drove to a nearby McDonald's and ate breakfast, then waited until the dealer opened and returned to finish checking her out. Once I arrived, I spoke with the owner of the dealership, and after a moment I was handed a set of keys and let loose to poke my nose into, under, and around the car. Under the hood, everything looked fairly stock except for the strut tower brace. I quickly noticed that the strut towers were decidedly not grey, but an all too familiar Silver rose. Looking a little deeper I inspected the engine code : M44/52, the turbo S engine code was right where it was expected to be. On down to the frame - strut tower gussets, check. Interior had the check doorcards, ,as well as the split rear seats. Heading back to the hatch, I noticed more silver rose around the inside of the car, and the build tag called out those beautiful LM3Z letters and numbers. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a Sliberrosa 951 Turbo S. She had been a little neglected, painted by an amateur, and left out at a local small dealership without even a detail, but the bones were perfect. Not a speck of rust, perfect carpet, no cracks in the dash, everything that was supposed to work worked perfectly, just needed some TLC, some normal maintenance and new seals, gaskets, belts, rollers, and maybe a water pump to be on the safe side. Perfect for a DIY type who had done it all before on his last 944 🙋‍♂️ I took her for a test drive, definitely handled great with the koni suspension, started easy, and didn't smoke. Not much boost, but I went in expecting a lot bigger problems. After some quick negotiations the owner knocked off $500 and had a deposit in his hand, then breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad you bought this car" he said. "Why's that", I responded. He then proceeded to tell me that since he posted the car for sale there had been an endless stream of callers asking for more pictures, more numbers, and trying to negotiate him down sight unseen. Then, with a smile, he said "I can't wait for the next guy to call so i can tell him it's sold". The next weekend I arranged a ride back up there to pick up my new baby to bring her home and start our next chapter together. Follow me on IG @ubermalt_951 and @kingsnake_srt10 Thanks for stopping by!

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