300 HP
258 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2910 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.4 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
170 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
12.9 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.9 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
19 MPG

I bought this 996 after moving to California for only $9,800. Has been an excellent car that still has a pristine interior and an exterior that needs a few tiny touch ups but is, by most standards, exceptional. Replaced the IMS shaft bearing and have had no problems with the car since and I am currently at over 175,000 miles. I have taken it to a few track days and enjoy canyon driving on weekends. I have a lot more planned for modifications and plan on keeping this car for the rest of my life. Matt Farah even did a review on my car on The Smoking Tire, which you can see below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NciqZT6iQI0&list=PL0NpLqqFBFSKU4MzZo2Edo5TgaEOAg42E

Discuss this build

[]Christopher Fussner

@Greg - I used the one from Pelican Parts. I also drive my car a lot and very hard, which is what helps eliminate the potential for an IMS failure.

[]Greg Gabel

Which IMS bearing did you use?

[]Dean Clevername

Great 996, what offsets did you end up going with? I'm debating getting rid of my 19s for 18s but want to go up to 8.5 wide from 8 in front while staying at 11 rear. Also, when do we get to see Monkey behind the wheel of your car!?

[]Ogabhp Power

No one can deny you got this car for an obscenely good price. Did you spot it online or did a friend link you with an older lady that wanted to sell his or what's the story behind that awesome price. I hope to own a Porsche too someday that's why I'm asking.

[]Christopher Fussner

Daniyal, I did purchase them from TireRack and they were very helpful in advising my set-up. I did not have to roll the fenders. Even with my car being lowered, on H&R springs, there are no issues.

[]Christopher Fussner

Jose, I did the IMS upgrade and it was very easy. I actually just replaced my water pump this week but the previous owner records indicate it had lived a normal life.

[]Christopher Fussner

Patrick, I love older 911s. I would keep your SC and get a 996. You will have a classic car and something you can drive that is more composed when driving sporty.

[]Patrick Meyer

Came here from TST. 996's are such an awesome deal right now. Trying to decide if I should trade my SC in on one. Decisions...

[]Daniyal Syed

Chris I have the exact same car and really like your wheel setup. I am thinking of picking up the same set from Tirerack, did you have to roll the rear fenders at all?

[]Jose Gutierrez

Hey Christopher, nice 996, I used to have one like that. I had to sell it but I'm looking for another one. Have you done the IMS upgrade or had any water pump problems?

[]Christopher Fussner

Truthfully I am not sure what the tint is. It was done when I purchased the car from the previous owner. I suspect it is around a 40-50% reduction.

[]Damien Poulain

Awesome car, about to get a 2001 C4 and definitely the kind of light mods I want, great job! What is the tint? If I get one, I was thinking going 50% all around. I'm in CA as well and don't want to go too dark anyway.

[]Christopher Fussner

Thanks Jay. It has been a really amazing car to own and the looks definitely grow on you. Fixing the IMS is not as much of a headache as it seems and isn't that costly, as Brad pointed out.

[]Jay Dutton

This video convinced me I really need a 996 before prices rise. Awesome car!

[]Brad Williams

IMS bearing do-over is about $1,500 and very much worth it IMO.

[]Paul Hinman

What are the details and costs of the IMS and any other engine upgrades you would recommend? That's my barrier to entry on the 996.

[]JJ Cook

Saw your 996 on TST. Beautiful car and an absolute steal for $9800.

[]Christopher Fussner

Sure Leon, the wheels are O.Z. Leggera HLT wrapped in Bridgestone Potenzas. I purchased them from Tire Rack. They are 19 x 8.5 in the front and 19 x 11 in the rear. The tire size is 235-30-19 up front and 295-30-19 out back. My car is lowered with H&R sport springs (1" all around) but I have no fitment issues and they do not rub or bottom out on the wells. I was worried about that when I first did it but it looks great, I still have decent gap in-between the tire and car and the after doing it all saved a few pounds of weight from the previous wheels and tires I had.

[]Christopher Fussner

I actually found it one late night I was browsing AutoTrader. Really just a lucky strike, talked to the guy on the phone then saw the car the next day. Had it inspected at the Porsche shop I work at and bought it the day after.

[]Leon Boles

Hi Chris. I love your wheels and fitment. Could you please list the wheel specs size,offset and what you did to lower it. Cheers.

[]Michael B. Gonzales

Sweet ride Chris and great job in the TST video.

[]Fred Khaz

Also look in to these lights I had them on mine... Spyder Auto ALT-ON-P99699-LED amazon.com/Spyder-Auto-ALT-ON-P99699-LED-RS-Porsche-Smoke/dp/B003ZUMUD2

[]Fred Khaz

Good Job Chris, I had a 2000 996 Carrera with tip, sold it at 184,000 looked and drove like new. Yes cheap to maintain..
Here are some (not all) maintenance list.
5/10/2006 Oil Change $60 102500 15W 50 9.3Q
6/6/2006 Fabspeed exhaust $1150
7/28/2006 Alternator $300 Auto Parts Warehouse
7/28/2006 Tensioner $60 Newport Imports ?
9/26/2006 Paid off Loan
10/8/2006 Oil Change $70 110500 15W 50 9.3Q
11/4/2006 Back Tires $300 Kumho ECSTA
2/1/2007 Front Brakes $350 115000
2/22/2007 Front Tires $250 116500 Kumho ECSTA
3/17/2007 Oil Change $70 117500 15W 50 9.3Q
6/7/2007 K & N Intake $450 120000
10/1/2007 Oil Change $70 125500
10/31/2007 Rear Tires $300 127000 Nexen N3000
11/11/2007 Water Pump/Thermostat $417 127500 Newport Import
12/9/2008 Window Regulator Passenger $171 128900 Sunset
1/6/2008 Spark Plugs $60 130000 Sunset
1/6/2008 Row Mo30 $1600 130000 Sunset
1/9/2008 Windshield Repair $50 800-944-4577 // 714-992-9112
1/30/2008 Windshield Repair $50 800-944-4577 // 714-992-9112
2/4/2008 Front Brakes Pad only $100 132000
3/16/2008 Oil Change $70 134000 15W 50 9.3Q
4/5/2008 New Battery $60 134500 Costco
4/5/2008 Rear Brakes Pads only $115 Import Car Parts
5/1/2008 AOS $600 134700 Factory Werks
5/8/2008 Transmission Service $313 134500 Factory Werks
6/20/2008 Mileage check 137500
7/1/2008 Mileage check 138100
8/1/2008 Mileage check 140000
8/23/2008 Oil Change $60 141275 15W 50 9.3Q
9/9/2008 Cleaned Intake and K &N 142000
1/17/2009 Oil Change $60 148456 15 W 50 9.3q
5/17/2009 Oil Change $70 155741 15 W 50 9.3q
5/25/2009 Front Brake pads and rotor. no sensor. $350 156000 Front Brake pads and rotor. no sensor.

[]alberto gorin

personal am a iroc-z lover and the trans am gta.if be a choose between a Porsche or a sub compact car is this 996 or 911.and it makes your rich.only wash it wax it nourish it.am same I have to go to dealer to maintain it

[]Hanno Hagedorn

Great catch! Where did yo find that car?

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