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it all started with my first car, a complete p.o.s. 1994 Volvo 940 (non turbo sedan) with 350,000 neglected miles when I received it. That car gave me hell, but it gave me the confidence to work on my own vehicles (poor kids can't afford mechanics). Since the day that car blew up, ive decided to buy cheap classics and restore them. I bought my 74' coupe deville in 2015, it was in pretty bad condition when I bought it, but its come a long way. I also have a 73' dart swinger that is a restored rolling shell, I have a 360 ci Mopar block from a 78' d300 that I'm putting in in that is currently being rebuilt for performance specs. I just recently bought an 85' camaro, all original parts with a 2.8 v6 with 170,000 miles and it runs great (besides needing an o2 sensor)

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Purchased this camaro nearly all original (different hood bumper and fender) with 170,000 original miles

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so some back story, bought the Cadi back in 2014. It was parked down in a muddy forest ditch and surrounded by weeds. Bought it cheap as my first project. Prepped it, started it, and drove it for about 1,000 miles till it began to knock really bad. (Hard lessons never rely on the idiot light to check oil pressure) anyways its currently at my shop (work) and tommorrow shes coming home to get an engine rebuild! Its a