222 HP
210 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3300 LB
Engine Size
3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

Growing up as a teen, I played Need For Speed Underground 2 which was one of my favorite car games of all time. One car that it had was the Mitsubishi 3000 GT and it caught my eye, and ever since then I wanted the 3000 GT to be my first car.  When I finally was old enough and able to afford it, I bought a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000 GT SL. I,who didn't know too much about cars at the time, so I was excited to buy a 3000 GT. Matter of fact, I bought it off of eBay for slightly less than $3000 from a pawn shop which was in a different state. Beacuse it was in a different state and I did not have a car, I had to fly. Once I got the car, I set my destination to my house which was a 12 hour drive. I was 8 hours into driving when I stopped at a gas station to fill it up. Once I filled it up, the car wouldn't turn over, so a couple of days later, i took it to a shop, and they said it was the ignition. They fixed it, and I went on my way home.  Later on, I found out that there was another sub-model of the 3000GT which had All Wheel Drive, Twin Turbo, All Wheel Steering, Electronic Suspension, etc, known as the Vr4. I  disappointed in myself for not doing my research as well as I should have making me wanting to get rid of the car, and get a Vr4, but I was too attached to  car so I decided to keep it. Doing research on the 3000GT, I finally convinced myself to actually get a Vr4, but in a different way. I decided to convert it. Yes, it would be cheaper to sell the SL, and get a vr4, but what's the fun in that? Currently I'm in the process of getting together all the parts that i need to transform it to a Vr4. I got rid of the ricer wing! Right now I have a stock silver wing on the back of it. I plan on painting the whole car a differentt color so it doesn't look ghetto. In looking along the lines of Candy Apple Red. My goals with this car is to convert it to a Vr4, make it a show car, and use it for time laps racing.

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