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I've been a consummate gearhead for the past 30 yrs starting with me lusting after a Lotus Esprit Turbo when I was 13. It never ends.

Autocross test & tune this past weekend.. A different sort of course as it wasn't in a parking lot.

Installed a Tomei equal-length header and overpipe on the BRZ this past weekend. What a difference improved exhaust flow can make. With the HKS supercharger, the car was already quick. But now, it's an animal. I'm very pleased.

Christopher Rader115 days ago

Took the BRZ out for a spin before the rains came in.

Christopher Rader148 days ago

All washed up after yesterday's road trip.

Christopher Rader154 days ago

An absolutely stellar addition to my BRZ this past Summer was the HKS V3 supercharger. Installed the kit myself with the assistance of a couple of friends on day one. I finished it up in my spare time over the week that followed. 5000 miles in and it runs perfectly and gives the BRZ a pleasant kick in the pants.