132 HP
128 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2855 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
26/41 MPG

The old girl's retired, I found this one for cheap at a nearby dealer. Time to start anew. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] 05-04-2017 - After about a year of driving [a little over], and about 90K miles down the road, I'd say it's not meant to be more than what the manufacturer intended. It'll give you good gas mileage, and get you where you need to go. If you want a fast 4 cylinder, get a Civic. This tops out at 114MPH, I doubt that's even true, so probably close to 110MPH. Slap it on cruise control at 74, and the cops will ignore you. Prepare to be hated and tail gated by everyone, get used to it. They're not worth the fuel savings. Front brakes are actually still pretty good, I would say it could go another 40K Miles, but I was going to change all the brakes anyway, so I did. Rear brakes are drums, and they are the work of the devil. They lasted approximately 60K Miles, mostly freeway driving. If it's possible to swap it to discs, it might be worth looking into if you service your own brakes.I am noticing a few other issues that might pop up soon. Need a drain and fill of the coolant and a change of engine thermostat. Transmission fluid needs to be checked out, possibly needs a drain and fill as well. Need to check the plugs soon, and possibly a tune up. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] 08-01-2017 - Suspension has been repaired and improved. She doesn't roll as much as she used to. At this point, I doubt I even need a front strut bar anymore. I'm debating whether I should change the rear swaybar, and if it'll even make a difference if I do. Wheels and tires are coming in about a week or two. Stay tuned. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] 08-17-2017 - Wheels and tires are on. That nasty tire growl is gone, and I can listen to the radio at a lower volume again. Ride is now comfy and vibration free. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] 09-13-2017 - Transmission fluid has been drained and filled, cost me about $179 at the dealer. We'll see how differently she runs tonight.Be warned that the dealer expects people to rarely drive, and will say that the fluid "normally" doesn't need changing. Their version of "normal" is presumably 50 miles a day at most, five days a week, driving like your grandma's grandma. Bullshit. The K313 CVT unit requires a 60K mile interval for fluid change at the least. You can increase the intervals up to 30K, otherwise it's just diminishing returns. The rougher and hotter the operating environment, the more frequent your intervals need to be.I'm thinking spark plugs next.

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[]Ernie Szots

The wheels give it a completely different look/feel. I dig it.

[]Claude Chua

You know you've chosen well when you keep looking back at your car, and it still looks nice.

[]Ernie Szots

That's a tried and true method.

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