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        375 dollar car. The rear main seal went bad causing the clutch to fail. This car has a short unimportant story. What matters is the car before this. My first car was a 92 automatic Accord, just like this one. I drove that thing forever and treated it like it was a circle track car. I loved that thing to death but I started getting into drugs and alchohol, which lead to the car blowing a head gasket and me junking it for $50 bucks. I met a girl and things got better. Got away from the bad and into the good. Decided it was time to buy a new Accord, which happens to be this 300,000m turdbox. Made the mistake of buying the turdiest turd in all of turdville due to nostalgia. Now she is my project. New clutch, new rear main seal, new flywheel, new oilpan gasket and a new radio and she is about halfway done. The thing is, even though she is a turd, she is my turd. And I would have any other turd. Except my prelude. But that doesn't count.

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